The Lost Weekends & Color ADD


Do you ever wake up on Monday morning and just feel a little bit defeated? On Friday I was so excited to have 3(ish) full days to get caught up on work…but did I? Absolutely not. So today I’m back to the grind and catching up…this semester is getting the best of me pretty quickly! We did have a great weekend though – Shaun and I attended the wedding of one of my close friends from high school. They’re one of those couples who you can just tell how much they love each other when they look at each other, so it was a really touching ceremony and a really special day.

Shaun and I all dressed up for the wedding! I love the colors, the pumpkins and gourds from my grandma’s farm…and the puppy photobomb.

Look familiar? Their ceremony was at the same chapel and performed by the same minister that ours was! It was a gorgeous day, and the fall colors were in full swing in the background as well (although you can’t really tell from this picture.

The photos are really dark, but you can just feel how much these two mean to each other. They’re both amazing people, and I’m so happy that they’re happy together.

In other news, I’ve had a bit nail-polish ADD in the last week/several days. It seems that no matter how often I change my nail color, I’m constantly thinking about what I’m going to do next. And the second that it gets even the tiniest chip, I remove all of it and start from scratch again. Here are just a few of the colors I’ve been wearing since my last polish post on Monday, including the one that I’m wearing right now:

Julep “Sienna”

This is the color that I intended to wear to the wedding, because I thought it complemented the colors of my outfit nicely. Unfortunately, I got a massive chip on one of my nails the night before. Which led to…

L’Oreal Pro Manicure “Sweet Nothings”

Apologies in advance for the sloppiness of this mani, but I did it in about 20 minutes at my parent’s house as we were dropping off the dog on our way to the wedding. Since I’m back and forth all the time, I keep all of my nail polish things at my apartment, but that meant that I had nothing to whip up a new mani…so I had to borrow my mom’s colors quickly. It took about 3 coats to get it this dark, and by the time it finally dried, there was no time for clean-up.

Revlon Colorstay “Stormy Night”

The color I’m currently wearing. It’s a bit more purple than the pictures show, but I love the almost-purple, almost-gray shade.

Other than the usual business for the week ahead, I’m excited to be participating in two nail polish swaps with other blogs – we’re sending out our packages to our partners today, and I believe next week will be the big blog reveal. I can’t wait for my partners to see the polishes that I picked out for them…based on our limited conversations, I think they’re really going to like them!

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  1. I love the pattern design on the top of your dress, pretty! Weddings are always such fun even though you didn’t catch up with work you had a good weekend, that counts for something! We’re all heroes I think and always say we’re gonna ‘catch up’ with work but it never happens lol ! I love that nude colour ‘Sweet Nothings’! 🙂

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