Wedding Recaps: Let’s Eat!


Once all of the pictures were done, we were finally ready to relax and let loose! And that started with dinner at our reception hall, Beverly Gardens. It’s your quintessential small-town banquet hall, but the food. is. amazing. We chose to go with a package that included baked and broasted chicken, beef tips with mushrooms, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans. They also serve dessert on the table (in addition to our wedding cake which was passed out later!), which included an assortment of tortes and bars and cheesecakes and such, and a staple from back home…kneecaps. So much small-town, rural farming Wisconsin goodness! If we do anything right…it’s comfort food. 🙂 The best part is that it was all “family-style”…like a buffet brought right to your table.

Making our entrance! Gotta love that carpeting…

Shaun welcoming everyone to dinner. He was so nervous for this part, but he did great!

Shaun’s great-uncle saying the prayer before dinner

Our parents were both ready for the party to start too


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