Wedding Recaps: Completed DIY Projects!


Our wedding included a TON of do-it-yourself money-saving projects. Before the wedding, I showed you how I made each of our invitations and blinged out my shoes – but that was just the beginning!

I made each of our 150 programs myself, using Microsoft Word, ivory colored cardstock (for the cover) and regular computer paper (for the inserts), green ribbon, white lace and hot glue. These were probably my second most time-intensive project, after the invitations. I’m so happy with the way they turned out!

The completed fingerprint tree guestbook, including a framed set of instructions. You can also see the corner of our photobook guest book in the bottom right corner.

Our re-covered card box. I also added the lace details to make it so the box couldn’t be opened until we cut through the lace the following day. (Extra security!)

A last minute project – escort cards

And finally, our photographer didn’t get a photo of our family wedding photo table, but it ended up turning out great! Here you can kind of see the basic setup – it was awesome to see so many family photos all in one place.

We got so many compliments on these details…and even though it’s not the “stuff” that mattered, it really was great to hear that people appreciated the work and planning that went into making the day what it was. We didn’t hire a stylist or wedding planner to take care of this stuff, and being able to pull off some of these little details made those months of stalking wedding blogs seem a little more worth it.


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