C25K – Week 3 is on the Books!


Today was my first run with my new Garmin Forerunner 110 running watch. Next week the C25K program starts to focus more on distances (e.g. run for 1/4 mile, walk for 1/8 mile) as opposed to times (e.g. run for 3 minutes, walk for 2 minutes), which is why I bit the bullet and bought the Garmin. Purchasing this watch meant that I went a little (ok…a lot) over my “extras” budget this month, but so far I love running with it. I’ve found it to be super motivating and informative, which hopefully will inspire me to work out even more than the 3 times per week that C25K requires!

I haven’t owned a watch in several years…I’m glad this is the one that’s a part of my life now. 🙂

I feel like I’m finally starting to get over the mental hurdle of “OMG, do I have to go running today?” which is honestly is my biggest problem for working out in general. So now that my mental state is starting to get a little better, I think it’s time to start working some strength training into the mix. Stronger muscles can only make my runs more productive, right? I found this Daily Workout Plan on Back on Pointe, and I think it’s a great starting point:

What I like best about this workout plan are two things: 1) They’re all bodyweight workouts, meaning you don’t need “stuff” to do them so they can be completed any time, anywhere. 2) On the blog post, the creator says that these area daily goal, but don’t necessarily have to be completed all at once. If I want to do half in the morning after I run and then half at night when I get home from school, that will work out just fine. As I’m learning more and more every day, just getting up and doing it is half the battle. 

In addition to strength training now, I’m also starting to look towards my running plans for the future…specifically, how I’m going to keep myself motivated once I finish C25K. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a long way to go, but I’m already inspired to keep this up once the 9 weeks are over! And my goals are getting bigger.

After I finish C25K, I’d like to run at least one or two 5K’s in my area this fall – one of the law school student orgs is sponsoring a 5K called “Race Judicata” in mid-October, and I’m pretty sure there will be some around Halloween and Thanksgiving time (Turkey Trot, anyone?). But I’d also like to keep working towards longer distances and faster times. This week I found Women’s Health Magazine’s “Intermediate Running for Weight Loss” program, whose plan says that in 6 weeks, you work your way up from running for 30 minutes at a time to an hour. Throw in some strength training, and WH says you’ll lose 10 pounds in the process. Since my goal right now is to get healthier and stronger (instead of focusing only on weight loss), I’m choosing to think of that last part as an added bonus instead of the reason for doing it. I’m hoping that if I can run for an hour straight (and keep track of my distances/times using the Garmin), then I can finally tackle the Crazylegs 8K in Madison in spring and the Bellin 10K in Green Bay next summer.

I’m also thinking of rewarding myself with a couple of cute running outfits when I finish C25K – I’m loving the tops and jackets from LivFit…but unfortunately I don’t think they’d fit me as of right now. So I guess I’ll grab a couple new tops in my size from a department store around here once I reach my goal…and make the LivFit tops a gift for myself when I’ve reached a size when I will fit in them. 🙂

Do you set future goals for yourself when you start training on a regular basis, or do you tend to take things day by day? Which approach works better for you?


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