Back to School


After working in the clinic all summer representing prisoners with post-conviction issues, and a pretty lengthy (and not very productive…) two week break, it’s finally time for school to start again! I must admit…I love the first day of school. I always have. I was that nerdy kid who picked out their outfit two weeks before, going over all of my options unti I found one that was just right.  I was the kid who cried in kindergarden when our bus got stuck in a snow bank because I wanted to go to school. This year I’m excited for school to start because it means a schedule that will allow me to see my husband 3-4 days each week…bonus!

I’m not super excited about the classes I’m taking this semester – most of them are just fulfilling requirements so that I can take the classes that I really want to take later on (like Constitutional Law II, Trusts & Estates). I’m also taking a few classes that are technically electives, with hopes that they’ll make me a more rounded job applicant when I graduate, even if they don’t directly relate to my field of interest, criminal law (Family Law 1 and a seminar on Domestic Violence). I’ll also be taking 3 credits of the clinical program that I started this summer, 2 credits on the International Law Journal as a writer/staff member, and I intend to try out for mock trial. It’s going to be a busy semester!


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