September Wish List


Now that I’m sticking to a stricter budget for “extras” each month, I’m going to really have to plan out my purchases in advance to make sure that I’m not blowing money on things that I don’t really need, or which may be a not-so-smart impulse buy. Here’s my shortlist of items on my wish list for September:

A Plain Black Shirt

These are close, but not quite right…
From left to right: Old Navy – $16.95, The Gap – $58, Maurices – $34

You know when you’re having a bad clothes day…one where you try on basically everything in your closet and nothing seems acceptable to wear in public? Those are the types of days when you need one or two basic go-to shirts – a plain black or plain white tee will usually do the trick for me. Even if I’m not feeling fashion forward, at least I know I won’t stand out too much. The problem is that my closet is seriously lacking these go-to staple items. I don’t wear the classic button-up collared shirt well (even though it’s super cute and trendy this fall!) so I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect black sweater or tee.

Cute “Fall” Shoes

Shoes I’m not quite as picky about…I’d love any/all of these…
Top Row: DSW – $34.95, DSW – $129.95 (not cheap or practical, but I LOVE them), DSW – $89.95
Bottom Row: Famous Footwear – $39.99, Famous Footwear – $39.99, Famous Footwear – $44.99

Last fall, I “splurged” ($50…which is a lot for me to spend on one item) on an adorable pair of ankle boots from DSW. I wore them until the heels literally broke, then reverted to my band sambas for basically the rest of the semester. Not exactly cute. Cooler weather means that my toes need to be covered up, and my go-to flats aren’t going to cut it for much longer (especially when the snow starts to fall!) So I’m looking for a good pair of wear-with-anything fall shoes. Whatever that means.

Garmin Running Watch

Garmin Women’s Forerunner 110, as see on Amazon – $188.99
The black unisex base model doesn’t come with a heart rate monitor, but costs $147.68 on Amazon

Now, I know there’s absolutely no way to make this work into the $150 budget, but if I save for a few months (or buy it now and adjust accordingly for October), I think I can make this a possibility. Since I’ve been running again (I just finished Week 2, Day 2 of Couch to 5K!), I’d really like to invest in a watch with a GPS that can keep track of how far and fast I’m running. Not that I think I’ll ever be an elite runner, but I think it would be useful for me to see the progress that I’m making. I also think it would inspire me to keep going and keep training to get better. Week 4 of C25K is when you really start running distances rather than times (think 1/2 mile instead of 5 minutes, or whatever), and that’s the stage at which I think the watch would really start to be of value for me so that I can get the most out of the program. I’m going to keep doing more research, and see if I can find one for a reasonable price. I’ve heard good things about Garmin, but if there are other brands out there that I should know about, please let me know in the comments! I’d like for it to have a GPS function so that I know how far I’ve gone at any given stage during a run.

So those are my big “want” items this month. What are yours?


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