Chop, Chop!


I recently made a pretty dramatic change in my appearance – I chopped off over half of my hair! It would sound even more crazy, except for the fact that I truly am a short-haired girl at heart. I started growing my hair out my senior year of band so that it would be easier to pull back during practice, and then when Shaun and I got engaged I knew that I was going to grow it out so that I could have the hairstyle of my dreams. Everything worked out perfectly, but now that the wedding has come and gone, it was time to chop off the long tresses and get my hair back to a more manageable length. So here’s what I looked like before the cut:

You’ll remember this as my makeup trial photo (it’s one of the last photos that I have where my long hair is actually down and not pulled in a ponytail!)

…and after! On a recent excursion with Shaun that I’ll be telling you more about soon. 🙂

As you can see, that’s a lot of hair gone! It doesn’t look so bad in the picture up top, but for the last few months before the wedding I was literally wearing it in a ponytail every single day. It felt so freeing to chop it all off and go back to relatively short hair again! The hardest part of the whole process was honestly convincing my husband that he’d like me with short hair…thankfully he does. (He did say that I shouldn’t cut it any shorter, though, haha.)

Are you a “long hair” or a “short hair” person? Or can you rock either look? I definitely get many, many more compliments with my short hair, and I feel much more put-together over all.


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