Sunday Night Manis


I kind of hate Sunday nights. Sunday night is time time when either I leave Shaun’s apartment or he leaves mine…and we’re back to long distance for another week. We’ve done it countless times already, but it still sucks every time. This week, I decided to find something to occupy the dead time. Other than cleaning and organizing my apartment, I decided to make Sunday night the time I give myself a new manicure for the week.

Instead of being lonely or feeling sorry for myself, dedicating Sunday nights to manicures will give me a chance to pamper myself and relax a bit before the upcoming week, right? (That’s the talent for spin that got me a degree in public relations, folks. Shocking, I know.) Plus, my friend Fran makes a great point that a fun mani on Sunday night will give you pretty nails to look forward to all week at work! So I’m trying it out.

Polish: China Glaze Dress Me Up (from the Hunger Games Collection)
Sparkles: Wet n’ Wild Rock Solid (purchased at Wal Mart when I was still in high school…kind of embarrassing but I love the stuff!)
Base/Topcoat: Sally Hansen Nail Nutrition Green Tea & Bamboo Strengthener

All of these were polishes that I already had, so nothing too crazy this week. But I’m looking forward to experimenting in the future!


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