Who Am I?


I started writing this blog about a year and a half ago, and it was completely dedicated to my wedding planning journey. A few months ago, I realized that I was getting too caught up in the little details and that it was stressing me out, so I expanded the focus to include my entire life. But the thing that I’ve realized is that “hey, this is me” a) doesn’t really make for a cohesive blog and b) doesn’t really come across all that strongly in individual posts unless you already know me. Which most of the people who actually read do. But there are a few that don’t.

So I guess this post is a roadmap to (hopefully) the future of what I’d like “Life. Love. Law.” to be.

Who I Am: I very recently graduated from the title “Bride-to-Be” to “Wife.” I’m a law student.

What I Like: Shaun and I are a pretty typical couple. We like concerts and movies. I like to read, and I love to cook. I’ve dabbled in some makeup and beauty products, but I’m pretty clueless when it comes to those things. I like shopping (especially for handbags and shoes!) but I live on a pretty tight budget given the fact that I’m a student with no income right now.

What I Like to Blog About: Some of my favorite blog posts to date were about the DIY projects that I completed for the wedding. As such, I’d like to do a lot more DIY and show you the results here! I also like sharing recipes, reviews, and just general life experiences. So while this is going to remain a “hey, this is me” blog, my goal is to try to settle into several categories of posts that hopefully you’ll enjoy.

Series of Posts to Look For In the Future:

  • Wedding recaps – the details, the stories, the pictures…since you’ve made it this far with me, I want to share how everything turned out. That, and our wedding day was so perfect that I can’t wait to relive it over and over again.
  • Recipes – both family secrets and my attempts to recreate the recipes that I see on blogs. I love to cook and Shaun loves to eat, so I just need to start documenting it!
  • Reviews – movies, books, concerts. Basically if we go to something fun, I’ll start being better about telling you about it.
  • DIY – my sister is the quilter of our family, but the wedding taught me that there are so many projects that even non-crafty people can undertake that are fun, cute and way cheaper than what you would normally pay for it! I love adding personal touches to things to make them our own, and I love making personal gifts (because my budget doesn’t allow me to spend a fortune on those I love most), so look for more DIY projects in the near future as well.

Like I said, I like shopping and makeup and all that good stuff, and I may share some of my purchases periodically. But I don’t anticipate becoming a fashion or beauty blogger. It’s just not really who I am.

Are you a random everything-in-one-place blogger like me, or do you prefer to have one (or several) blog(s) that fall into a specific niche? Since I’m not doing this for money or publicity I think my blog will work just fine the way it is, but I’d love to hear how others approach the idea of blogging!


About Kimberly H.

I'm a Wisconsin girl born and bred - a 2L at the University of Wisconsin Law School and a former member of the UW Marching Band. I married my best friend on 7/7/2012 and am an avid lover of nail polish, corgi pups and historical fiction novels!

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  1. I used to have several blogs, but only have time for one these days. I’ve played with Tumblr, and Blogger, but always end up returning too WordPress. Love the blog!

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