Bridal Shower Recap


At the end of May (wow, that seems so long ago!) my mom, my aunts and my bridesmaids threw me the most beautiful bridal shower that I could have asked for. A while back, I promised that I would write an official recap…so here it is!

My bridal shower was the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. It was awesome to see everyone, and it was nice to still have the whole weekend to look forward to once it was over! Sometimes showers can be a real drag because they take up the majority of a weekend day, but the timing for mine was perfect!

It was a weekend of pretty flowers! The multi-colored roses were for my sister’s birthday, and the orange roses were from the shower.

The town hall, all decorated and ready for people to arrive

Me seeing it for the first time 🙂

My mom, me and my sister – I love my family!

This beautiful cake was also the hit of the party – the bottom was cheesecake, and the top was amaretto flavored. Yum!


Just a few gift opening pictures.

That last pictures was the last gift that I opened. It was from my sister and contained some pretty lingerie, but underneath was my baby blanket! I used to carry it around with my everywhere…you can see in the picture how torn up it is. It must have been patched and recovered dozens of times. My mom always called it a ‘rag’ and said she was going to throw it away and made fun that I was going to take it to college with me…so I guess it’s fitting that it made an appearance. Not going to lie, it made me tear up a little.

Thankfully for me, we didn’t play any shower games, so there are no embarrassing pictures of those to show you. We basically ate (soup and salad – it was delicious!), opened gifts, and called it a night. I got so many beautiful gifts that I didn’t even know what to say after a while. I felt so blessed and so lucky to have so many people there to celebrate the fact that Shaun and I are getting married soon. Only two weeks to go now, and I can’t believe it! 


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