My Hunger Games beauty splurge


First thing’s first. I’m not quite over the photo episode that upset me last night, but I’m deciding to move past it and just work even harder at the gym to achieve the healthy body that I want. Plus, I’ve got a few fun things planned for the weekend that should suffice to keep me distracted for a while. ūüôā

It’s April, but I haven’t yet received my latest Birchbox and last week I found myself itching to make a beauty related purchase. (I blame Pinterest.) Despite the past month’s unusual weather making my nails extra break-prone lately, I’ve been super obsessed with¬†trying¬†to keep them polished and looking nice, especially with the wedding less than 3 months away! I found out recently that China Glaze nail polish released a line of Hunger Games inspired polishes in March, so I knew I had to break out an Amazon gift card I got a while back and try a few of them out!

To see a great review of each of the colors in the collection, check out this post on the blog “All Lacquered Up”

After reading that post and taking a look at the colors (and their prices) on Amazon, I decided on 5 different polishes. The best part is that with my gift card, I paid $15¬†total, meaning I got each polish for about $3. A steal! Anyway, the colors that I chose were “Dress Me Up” (based on District 5 – Textiles and partially inspired by Prim), “Fast Track” (District 6 – Transportation), “Hook and Line” (District 4 – Fishing), “Riveting” (District 3 – Technology) and “Smoke and Ashes” (District 12 – Coal).

Here’s what I thought of each one:

Dress Me Up

I chose to get this one (even thought it was one of the more expensive polishes on Amazon) because it’s one of the most versatile colors in the collection. Since I’ll be working in a law office, neutral nails are something that I’m probably destined to have for¬†most¬†of the rest of my life. But neutral doesn’t have to mean boring! And this darkish pink really drew me…if I’m going to get a neutral color anyway, why not make it a Hunger Games inspired one? That, and at about $5 it was still a lot cheaper than most polished I usually buy from Target.

I love this color, and have already gotten a ton of compliments when I’ve worn it. It’s pretty dark for a neutral pink tone, but I really like it and it¬†does go with everything. Please excuse my short, stubbly nails and kind of sloppy paint job in the above picture…the only time I can seem to give myself a decent manicure is when I’m reading a case book…because then they have¬†tons of time to dry. Otherwise, I always manage to smudge them.

Anyway, my wedding nail-spiration (did you see what I did there?) came from Pinterest, and I think Dress Me Up would be a lovely color for the base. It’s all going to depend on how tan I am, at the time. Right now I think it’s a little too dark for my skin tone, but I guess we’ll have to see in July.

Fast Track

Like “Dress Me Up”, I picked this polish because it looked like a pretty, versatile neutral that could be worn every day, including to the office. But it has just a little something extra with its warm gold flecks. And it seems like a fun color for this summer!

Although this one looks like a pale pink in most pictures I’ve seen, it’s actually more like a sparkly-beige by the look of the bottle, and sparkly-gold when actually on. It’s such a pretty neutral that I can definitely see myself wearing it everywhere this summer – to the office, on the weekends, just whenever. I feel like it’s going to be difficult to find nail polishes that are law-office appropriate, but I think this one will probably be fine because it’s pretty subtle.

Hook and Line

I got this polish mainly because of my love of Finnick and Annie in the 2nd and 3rd books – despite the fact that the blog I linked to above said that it’s kind of tricky to apply because of the metallic in the polish. Better late than never to learn, though, right? And again the silver of this polish is a good neutral color. Once I try branching out and making designs, I can also see this being a fun accent color.

This one arrived looking exactly how I expected it to. Haven’t tried it on yet, but I’ll post back with my results when I do.


I was immediately drawn to this polish because of one picture from Pinterest. Actually, that’s how I learned about this collection in the first place. The picture that made me want these polishes super bad in the first place was this one:

Image Source

Now, the polish making the fire in that picture is called “Electrify” (for District 5 – Power), but that’s not one of the ones that I bought. I seriously considered it, but it was much more expensive and honestly probably not as versatile. Anyway, I think can achieve the same firey effect with “Riveting”, but can also realistically be worn on its own when I’m feeling brave enough to wear all-over orange. Another major plus is that the blogger from “All Lacquered Up” called this polish very easy to apply…definitely a plus if I’m going to try to do fancy things with it.

I¬†did wear this polish on its own for a few days after receiving it, but I didn’t take any pictures. And quite frankly, that’s a good thing because my manicure job was pretty awful. It’s a fun color, though – I’ll probably wear it more on my toes because it’s a little bright and loud for me. I’ll take photos the next time that I wear it and post them here. Also, I’ll post back if/when I can ever replicate that photo above!

Smoke and Ashes

There’s the obvious reason why I got this polish – it’s based on District 12, where Katniss, Peeta and Gale are all from. It’s the district that we learn about most in the books, so it’s naturally the district that most readers feel an emotional connection with. I’m no different. But I’ve also been looking for a black or dark polish to try fun new techniques with. Plain black tends to look a little harsh, so I figured this could be the perfect solution with the blue and green sparkly flecks in the black polish.

I’m glad that I now have a black nail polish in my collection, but even with the sparkles, this one is still¬†really¬†black. I put it on, but almost immediately took it off because I felt a little emo wearing it. Black nails weren’t my thing this week…but I’ll post back when I have long nails that can pull the color off gracefully!

If money were no object, I would have also purchased a couple of the other polishes as well. I’d really love to add “Stone Cold” (District 2 – Masonry) to my collection…it was the last one that I deleted from my cart and it seriously took all of the willpower that I had to do so. But it would have served the same purpose as “Smoke and Ashes” for me and is harder to work with because it’s a matte, so I decided against it in the end. “Luxe and Lush” (District 1 – Luxury) would have been fun to get as well, since it’s a top coat that adds sparkly flakes to whatever base color you already have on. But it was the same price as “Dress Me Up” (the most expensive polish I bought from this collection), so I decided to pass it up as well. “Harvest Moon” (District 9 – Grain) and “Agro” (District 11 – Agriculture) were also pretty, but I didn’t think that I would wear them enough to justify the cost. And, like I mentioned above, if I had unlimited nail polish funds, I’d have gotten “Electrify” as well.

The only ones that I didn’t even consider were “Mahogany Magic” (District 7 – Lumber) and “Foi Gras” (District 10 – Livestock), just because the colors didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. To each their own, right? I think this single purchase may have close to doubled my nail polish collection. Soon I’m going to need a better way to store them than the boring plastic bag on my dresser!

Which colors from the collection are your favorite? Have you tried any of the Capitol Colors?


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