Spring. Break.


It’s officially here! And although we’re not going on a big spring break trip like last year (or like we hopefully will next year), I am so excited to have a week off of school to relax, catch up on readings and outlining, and work on a few final wedding projects. Even better, today marks exactly 100 days until the wedding!

Hopefully, this is what my spring break next year will entail 🙂 (Image Source)

My to-do list this spring break includes the following: read the Hunger Games series (I have to admit I’ve already accomplished 1/3 of this item), see Titanic in 3d, see the Hunger Games movie, volunteer a few days at the Kewaunee DA’s office, finish wedding invitations (!), work on wedding programs, tie up a few other wedding loose ends, catch up on some readings for class that I’m behind on, and start my outlines for exams. I may or may not accomplish it all, but I’m hopeful that I’ll at least put a major dent in that list!

Happy spring break, everyone! Anyone doing anything fun?


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