Be Our Guest(books): An Update!


Thanks to all of you lovely readers who voted in our guestbook poll back in November, we decided to go with two guestbooks at our wedding reception, and now we finally have them to show to you! We decided to go with a more traditional photo guestbook from Shutterfly in addition to the fingerprint tree made for us by Style Unveiled.

Our fingerprint tree and photo guest book

Some excerpts from the photo guestbook

Some of the details on the fingerprint tree

Ultimately, we decided to go with both the traditional book at the fingerprint tree because we wanted them to serve two different functions. After the wedding, we plan to frame the tree and hang it in our living room with one or two wedding pictures to remind us of all of the special people who shared in that day with us. The traditional guestbook, however, will give guests the opportunity to write personal messages if they want to…and if they want to, we definitely want to let them!

Are you using two different items to fulfill the same purpose like we are by having two guestbooks? If so, I’d love to hear!


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