I Think We Need a Bigger Box


A while back, I shared with you the box that we purchased off of Amazon to use for our wine box ceremony. Here’s a quick reminder of what it looks like:

The truth is, when this box first arrived, I wasn’t thrilled with it. Based on the picture on Amazon, I expected it to be sturdier and to open differently than it does. At only $20, I wanted to love it. But I found myself continually looking for alternative wine box options. To me, this box is something that would look great in our living room as a simple decoration, but it just wasn’t right for such an important part of our wedding ceremony and our married life. In short…we needed a bigger box.

(I grew up hating this dog, mostly for Taco Bell’s “drop the chalupa” commercials that gave me and all of my relatives with the same last name a nickname for life. I’ve since made peace with this…but I still have an irrational distrust of chihuahuas.)

Although the box from Amazon was small and simple, I found myself drawn to boxes specifically created for wine box ceremonies. There were so many that came with fancy locks, wine glasses, pretty paper…all of the bells and whistles. The only bad part was, they usually costed way more than I wanted to spend. Especially since I technically had a $20 box that could do the trick.

After discussing it with our officiant, I finally bit the bullet and bought another box: one that was bigger and came with all of the fancy things I just listed. At $70, it was pretty pricey and I was nervous that this box would disappoint me just like the other box had. When it finally came in the mail, I opened the package right away and was blown away by what I saw. The box was perfect! Even though it was more expensive, I’d definitely call it a better value for our money than the $20 box. It’s much sturdier, much more well-made and comes with everything needed for the wine box ceremony except the wine bottle.

Wine glasses

Close-ups of the wine glasses

The ceremony, envelopes and paper for the love letters

And the key that locks the box until we want/need to open it

Like I said, I’m so much happier now that we have the new, “fancy” box and I can’t wait to incorporate this special ceremony into our wedding day. I was a bit nervous about ordering this set after being underwhelmed by the first box we bought for this purpose, but I’m glad we gave it a second try!

Did you have any projects that took more than one try to get “right”?


About Kimberly H.

I'm a Wisconsin girl born and bred - a 2L at the University of Wisconsin Law School and a former member of the UW Marching Band. I married my best friend on 7/7/2012 and am an avid lover of nail polish, corgi pups and historical fiction novels!

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