Baby Imma Be Your Motivation


For my birthday, my mom got me a gift card to my favorite clothing store ever: Maurices. Since Shaun came to visit the weekend after my birthday, I decided to make a trip to the nearest mall to see if I could find a cute outfit for our date that night. Little did I know, I ended up finding way more than that!

You see, since the cute spring clothes are starting to make their debut in stores now, I’ve been keeping my eyes out for dresses or outfits that would be appropriate to wear to my other wedding events. You know, stuff like the bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner. While I was at Maurices that day, I found a dress that I could picture myself in at my shower…and I became obsessed.

Dress from

As soon as I saw it on the rack, I knew that I loved it. So I brought it, along with some clearance sweaters and a few neutral tank tops that I had picked out, into the dressing room. I was expecting the worst…because the dress from the rack was approximately 2 sizes too small. Luckily, the material is stretchy and this is one of those fabulous “no zipper” dresses, so I could at least get an idea if I even liked the way the dress fit. I decided that if I liked it on, I would go online when I got home and order it in my real size.

To my surprise, the dress didn’t look awful from the waist up, but it was definitely a tight fit. It looked good enough to stick in my mind, so when I got home I quickly went online to see if they had it in my size. The bad news was…they didn’t. They didn’t even make the dress in my size. That’s the problem with Maurices for me sometimes. I’m right in between wearing their “regular” clothes and their “plus” clothes. The regular clothes are usually a little too small, and the plus clothes are a little too big. I just really can’t win. This particular dress was available 1 size smaller than I usually wear, or 1 size larger than the dress I tried on in the store. I clicked away, heartbroken.

But for the next two days, I couldn’t stop thinking about that dress. I mulled it over with some friends, who urged me to buy the smaller size, and see if I couldn’t get it to fit by May. If I stuck to my diet and exercise, they said they were sure I could do it. And so after much deliberation, I did it. I bought the dress!

Hanging in front of my closet. 🙂

I tried her on as soon as she came, and (like I expected) she looks great from the waist up, but the waist down needs a little work. I’ve decided to keep the tags on, and if I’m still not comfortable with the way it looks by the time my shower rolls around, I’ll just return it. Even if they only give me store credit…it’s not like that will go to waste. (I seriously spend most of my clothing money in that store.)

For now, I decided that I’ll leave the dress hanging out in the open to be that extra little reminder when I’m not feeling motivated to work out or think about having a snack while studying. It’s good to have a visual reminder and a tangible goal to reach! Oh…and since my sister recently introduced me to Polyvore (like I needed more distractions…), here’s my vision for the perfect bridal shower outfit, centered on this dress.

Created by me via

Have you ever used some material goal as a little extra motivation for working out and eating right? (By the way…kudos if you recognized this song as the inspiration for the title of the post!)


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