Bee My Valentine?


Happy Valentine’s Day! I know a lot of people don’t celebrate this “Hallmark Holiday” for various reasons, and quite honestly Shaun and I never really acknowledge it much other than a quick text to each other proving we remembered. It’s not that we purposely don’t celebrate because we’re anti-consumerism or hate the sentiment…it’s just tough to celebrate something like Valentine’s Day when you’re living 2.5 hours apart from each other. Combine our practical natures with the fact that my birthday was only 2 weeks ago (and Christmas was just a month before that…) and you have the perfect recipe for minimal celebrations on our part.

However, like I mentioned yesterday, I did get to experience a little VD (tee-hee) cheer this year thanks to the Weddingbee Card Swap! Yesterday I showed you the cards that I made for the three lucky ladies whose names I got, and today it’s time to show you the lovelies that I received. Seriously, it’s so much fun to to send holiday cheer to strangers, and it was great to channel my creative juices towards something other than the wedding for a change. But I’m not going to lie…it was just as much fun to get cool stuff in the mail!

Card #1: From “Miss Sunset”

(Sorry that we’re back to poor quality cell phone photos. My camera died and I left the charger at my parents’ house. Oops!)

The inside of the card says: “Happy Valentine’s Day! Good luck with the rest of your planning and congrats on being a Mrs. this year!” So sweet, and I love the little bee on the outside!

Card #2: From “MissDW”

The sun was really shining when I took these pics! Hence the weird shadow lines.

I knew when I picked this card up out of my mailbox that it was going to be a good one…it was heavy! Sure enough, the card inside was absolutely beautiful (and creative!) and it included chocolate. Double prizes! 🙂


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