Spreading the Love


Happy Monday, everyone! The last time I checked in with you all, it was to quickly mention the wonderful surprise that Shaun had in store for me last weekend. Let me tell you, I’m a very lucky girl.

In addition to the flowers I showed you last time and the visit itself (which I had no idea was coming!) the weekend got even better when we found out that Elton John is going to be playing in Madison in March. We heard about the concert on the radio, then went immediately to the computer when we got home to check ticket prices and availability. We barely even debated, and even though we’re in the nosebleeds and almost behind the stage, we’re going to see Elton! Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve been this excited about any one single thing since Shaun proposed. We love Elton (so much so that he’s making an appearance in our wedding), and I missed him the last time he was in town…with my other favorite artist Billy Joel, no less. This time we’re not missing out, though! Really…the weekend could not have started off any better.

Unfortunately, the weekend ended and now it’s back to the grind of school and wedding projects. But in honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I wanted to share with you a little project that I worked on a few weeks ago…a Valentine’s Day card swap, courtesy of Weddingbee!

For the swap, each participant who signed up had to make three cards and send them to three other Bees. Of course that means that each person receives three cards in return! Here are the cards that I made for the three lovely ladies who were randomly assigned as my swap partners:

The text reads: “Here in Wisconsin, we have been ‘impatien’-ly waiting for spring to arrive! I hope these seeds help you spread beauty and love in your family and home, no matter what the weather is like! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

So they’re a little cheesy, but I liked the chance to be creative and send a little love to people that I have never met before…and get some awesome mail in return! Tomorrow, I’ll show you the cards that I received from the swap. 🙂

Have you ever participated in a card swap?


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  2. I was in the nosebleed seats for the billy joel / elton john concert. They were amazing. I do suggest you bring binoculars. It’s a really cool experience actually seeing them play from above. 🙂

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