Date Twins


There’s this thing about getting married…lots of people do it. Like, every day. Mostly every weekend. Which means that if you’re getting married, it’s extremely likely that you know (or someone you know knows) someone else who is getting married on the same day as you. In the Weddingbee community, they’re called “Date Twins.” Online, finding your date twins can be an awesome way to meet and bond with other brides over planning, progress and just wedding stuff in general. In real life, date twins can be a pain in the ass.

Kind of like Bride Wars, but not quite that bad…yet.
(Image via The Film General)

I, personally, have two date twins that I know/am connected to in real life. These two brides (and their respective weddings) have had completely opposite effect on me when it comes to wedding planning – one good, one not so good. Before I go any further, I want to preface this with the disclaimer that I’m fully aware that I might sound like a bridezilla for the rest of this post. Hopefully not, but it might come across that way. Consider yourselves warned.

Bride #1 is a friend of mine from marching band. We were in the same grade, so we knew each other fairly well by the time I graduated. She is one of the sweetest, nicest and most laid back women I know, and I am so happy for her and her fiance (who was also in the marching band…gotta love band couples!) When Bride #1 and I found out that we were getting married on the same day, we had a good laugh about it…especially because the date that we both chose has a special significance for my former section of the band, a section that neither Bride #1 nor her fiance were a part of. Since we have a lot of mutual band friends, we briefly discussed guest lists and considered the possibility that some of our friends would have to choose between our weddings. Thankfully, our guest lists are pretty much separated by the sections that we marched in, so there isn’t too much overlap (besides the fact that a million mello girls are dating tuba guys…but I digress). The point is that throughout our engagements, we’ve periodically checked in with each other to see how the other is doing, but we didn’t worry about the date overlap once we realized that it wasn’t going to affect our guest lists. In the world of real life date twins, I don’t think things could go much better for me than they have with Bride #1.

And then there’s Bride #2. Now, I don’t personally know Bride #2, so maybe that’s part of the problem with this whole situation. She’s a friend of a person who’s playing an important role in our wedding…so when Bride #2 decided to set her date for the same day as ours (months after we chose it, I might add…), it caused a considerable bit of drama for this mutual friend. And it’s continuing to do so. Our mutual friend has hinted many, many times that they’re trying to find a way to attend both weddings. This is frustrating for me, considering the important role that this person accepted early on in my wedding planning process, long before Bride #2 set her date. Now I find myself constantly hearing about Bride #2, whether it’s the venue (“Oh, that’s why Bride #2 couldn’t get that space!”) or the florist (“They have two weddings booked that day? I bet the other is Bride #2!”), or a surprise that I’m planning for Shaun (“You know who would just love that idea? Bride #2!”). If the mutual friend was a regular guest, maybe this situation wouldn’t bother me so much. But the fact that the mutual friend has an important role in our wedding is what irks me, especially since I’m continuing to get the feeling that that friend would rather attend Bride #2’s wedding than ours. I’m honestly not sure what to do about this situation at this point.

Do you know anyone else getting married on the same day as you? Did it cause any issues, or was it fun to plan with someone else?


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