Joyous Sounds: Ceremony Music


So now that we’re back in the swing of things school wise, I figured that I can take a little time to fill you all in on some more of the vendor meetings that Shaun and I accomplished over break. Today’s topic, ceremony music!

As I mentioned earlier, ceremony music is incredibly important to me (and to us) because music plays a large part in both of our lives. This being the case, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with the classical guitarist who will be playing at our wedding over break and decide on the actual songs that will fill up our wedding ceremony.

A photo of Dan in action.

Our meeting with Dan was very last minute, just a few days before I returned to law school. But I’m glad we found a time that worked for all of our schedules because this was one major thing to check off of our to-do list. Not necessarily major in the sense that I was worried or frustrated about it, but rather in the sense that it’s a part of the wedding that’s very important to me and Shaun. We’re crafting our wedding ceremony so carefully to reflect us and our new life together that each and every detail seems important in this area. So with that in mind, we set up a meeting with Dan and got together to pick our ceremony songs.

After a bit of chit chat, we got right down to business. Dan started by asking us about the mood that we wanted to set for our guests (and ourselves) before, during and after the ceremony. Then he played us a few selections of each type of music to make the decision easier for us. The music that he has in his repertoire ranges from old to new, classical to classic rock, pop to punk and everything in between. We decided to stick with tunes that were a bit more traditional (excluding Canon in D by Pachabel…a personal least favorite of mine). From there, we excluded a few songs that we felt didn’t really fit that ambiance…which was like 2 songs. Seriously, Dan is awesome.

We decided that Dan will play a prelude of songs before the ceremony while guests are being seated, two processional songs (one for the bridal party and one for me), a song during the ceremony, a recessional and some songs afterwards while people are mingling. We chose “peaceful” as our theme for before the ceremony, so those songs are more relaxed and slow and romantic. They’re also a nice mix of both old and new songs that guests may recognize while they’re waiting for the ceremony to start. In fact, Shaun told Dan that the music was making him feel more relaxed than he’d felt in months! Mission accomplished. 🙂 The songs after the ceremony will be a bit more jubilant, while keeping with the traditional theme.

As for the specific ceremony songs we chose, here they are!

Bridal Party Processional: Prelude (Bach)

This song is so romantic to me. When I hear it, I can just imagine watching my best friends and closest family members precede me down the aisle, all there to support Shaun and I as we take one of the biggest steps in our lives so far. I love that it’s traditional without being overdone, but that it’s still a fairly recognizable tune. Not to mention that I think these notes floating in the air at our *hopefully* outdoor wedding will really set a peaceful, romantic and happy mood for the rest of the day. And then it will transition into…

Bridal Processional:
Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring (Bach)

When I heard Dan play this song, I knew that it would be mine. I knew that this would be the song that I would use to walk towards my future husband, to meet him and join with him forever. I knew that this song encapsulated all of the emotions I’m already starting to feel – peace, excitement, anxiousness, and most importantly, love. It’s such a simple but meaningful and beautiful song that it’s absolutely perfect for such a special moment of a special day.

Wine Box Ceremony:
All I Ask of You (Andrew Lloyd Weber, Phantom of the Opera)

Why did we choose a song from Phantom of the Opera as our wine box ceremony song? Well, it’s simply one of the most beautiful love songs ever written, in my opinion. The above link is to the scene from the movie, but Dan has arranged the song for guitar and I’m sure it will be absolutely perfect. To be honest, Shaun hates musicals so this is purely a selfish inclusion. But to me, it’s perfect for a wedding and for a unity ceremony within the wedding. “Love me, that’s all I ask of you.” Touche.

Recessional: Allegretto (Giuliani)

Honestly, so much love and work and time went into deciding the other songs that will play a prominent feature in our ceremony that we didn’t give much thought to the recessional. Dan suggested the Allegretto by Giuliani, so we ran with it. It’s pretty enough, happy and jubilant and keeps with our “traditional” theme. I couldn’t have asked for more!

So that’s it! Did you/would you want to pick specific songs for your wedding ceremony, or are you going for a certain “ambiance” or feeling instead? We did a little of both!


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