Talking Tuxes


Winter break is winding down, and we’ve accomplished a lot of wedding projects and tasks in the last few weeks. Last week, we headed back to Algoma and checked another big item off of our to-do list…tuxes!

Although we chose the attire for the female half of the wedding party back in summer, we put off deciding on tuxes for a while for a few reasons. First, we knew that we were going to go through Tina Marie’s Boutique, the shop where we also got my dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses. Tina usually prefers that we come in on weekdays, as opposed to weekends, so that we really get time to talk to her about things instead of getting lost in the weekend walk-in rush. Shaun has off every other Friday, but that meant waiting until winter break when I would be available to go with him. We also wanted to wait a little longer so that the new 2012 styles would be out when we made our final decision. Last Friday was the magic day, so we headed to Algoma to pick out some snazzy suits for our guys!

Shaun in the boutique. Texting about work on his day off. Silly boy.

Now, I know a lot of grooms go back and forth about how formal their wedding day attire will be. Tux? Suit? Jacket or no jacket? There are a ton of different options for formalwear for guys now, which can make choosing pretty complicated. For us, the decision was fairly simple, though – around here, renting tuxes is just what you do. I swear our parents and bridal party would probably have thought we were being ridiculous if we had asked them to purchase a suit to wear to our wedding, even if that meant they got the perk of keeping it after. So while a tux may be a little bit formal for our outdoor afternoon wedding, we definitely steered towards modern, sleek styles that (to my untrained eye) seem to fall somewhere between “modern suit” and “traditional tuxedo” on the formalness scale.

So once we were in Algoma, we got down to business right away! Tina pulled out a giant book filled with what must have been thousands of tux styles. We bookmarked any of the styles we liked, then kept looking. By the time we got to the end of the book, we realized that we had only liked one tux enough to bookmark it…so the decision was made! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Joseph Abboud Style 168 – Black JOE Tuxedo

Handsome, no? We decided to go with the same tux for all of our guys – including Shaun, his 4 groomsmen, our dads and our two ushers. So the next step after choosing the specific style of tux was to pick out the accessories, specifically the vest, tie and pocket squares. The accessories are what will distinguish the guys by their roles – Shaun will wear a black vest with a green tie, the groomsmen will wear a green vest with a green tie, the dads will wear a black vest with a black tie and the ushers will wear a silver vest with a silver tie. With colors in mind, we still had to choose a specific pattern.

The vest

The tie

We looked at a lot of stripes, squares, plaids, paisleys and dots…but in the end, when we found this Crystal pattern by Jean Yves we knew it was perfect. That is…until we found out that it wasn’t available for the tux we had chosen. Oops. We had already left the store when Tina discovered the mistake, but she quickly found a replacement that’s almost exactly the same. Crisis averted! Just another reason why I love that woman.

Lauren Vineyards Vest & Tie Collection in Kelly Green (for the groomsmen)

So that’s that! I think they’re all going to look great and I’m glad that Shaun was really interested in helping with this part of the planning. It’s what he’s going to be wearing, after all! The total price for the tux rental came out to be a bit on the pricey side, but we let all of the guys know already how much it’s going to be so that they have time to save up if they need to. The best part is that we have one more big thing checked off of our to-do list.

Oh…and one more exciting thing happened at the bridal shop last Friday. Here’s a hint:


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