Weddings Through the Ages


It’s another DIY day! Today I’m going to share with you a project that will be displayed at our reception. And the best part of this project is all of the awesomely fun research and planning that went into making it possible.

After reevaluating exactly what our wedding meant to Shaun and I and what we wanted the day to be all about, we realized that more important than anything else is family. Shaun and I are both very close to our families, and are doing everything we can to celebrate our families (and their joining through us!) on the day of our wedding. This includes everything from having family members in our wedding party to having our family members fulfill special roles in the ceremony and reception. This project is another way that we chose to honor our families on our wedding day, and to literally put them on display for all to see!

A family wedding photo table!

One thing that wedding planning has really sparked in me is a love for seeing other people’s weddings. I now find a great joy in looking at those photos and seeing the love in the couple’s eyes, the smiles on their families’ faces. When we were planning my grandparents’ 50th anniversary party this last summer, I loved looking through all of the old family wedding photos. So I thought, why not put them on display at the wedding reception? It will be a great way to showcase both my family and Shaun’s family. It will give people something to look at and talk about at the reception.

Like I said above, one of my favorite parts of this project was the “research” – collecting the photos. I put out a call to my grandparents and Shaun’s grandparents to get most of them, but instead of them just sending us the pictures, we ended up spending a few afternoons over break hanging out with our grandmas and helping them go through their pictures to pick out the ones we wanted to use. It was great spending quality time with our families after the rush of the holidays!

Once I had the pictures collected, I made a trip to Dollar Tree to get some cheap frames – we chose to use either frames that were wooden or had a silver color. Then I worked on assembling them!

The supplies – photos, scrapbook paper in our wedding colors, and 5×7 frames

All of the frames we got were 5×7, despite the fact that the photos are mostly 4×6 or smaller. That gave me room to incorporate our wedding color scheme by using scrapbook paper to make a matte for each photo. Since we decided we’d be arranging the photos on the table chronologically (instead of by family or age or some other means for organization), I tried to mix up the papers and frames enough that we’d have a nice assortment of photos without things looking too matchy-matchy. I think this is one of the first times the popular trend of mismatched items have appeared in our wedding!

Scrapbook papers in our color scheme!

I cut each matte specifically for its individual frame by using my tried-and-true method of tracing the frame insert to get the right size. Again, not the most elegant way to do things, but it gets the job done well enough.

Then I picked out a photo, centered it on the matte and framed it! Simple as that. There is one final step that I haven’t done yet, which will be to make a label or card for each frame with the couple’s name, their relation to us and the year they were married. That will help everyone from both of our families pick out who’s who. It will also make it a lot easier to arrange them chronologically onto the table on the day of the wedding.

And finally, here’s a little peek at what the finished project will look like. Obviously, this isn’t all of the photos (mostly just my mother’s side of my family), but it gives you an idea of what the finished table will look like. It will just be a lot bigger!

So that’s it, in a nutshell! What do you think? Did you find special ways to incorporate your family into your wedding or another big event?


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