Our DIY Card Box: Part 1


Another project we decided to DIY was our card box. Like most of our other DIY projects, our reasoning behind this was simple: anything else that we could afford, we didn’t like. We weren’t looking for something too fancy, although these recent card box trends are beautiful:

Bird cages (Source)

Mailboxes a la “UP” (Source)

Mostly, all we want in a card box is something pretty enough to be displayed at the reception and something secure so our gifts won’t get stolen. (Side note: How awful is it that this is something that couples getting married have to worry about! I didn’t even know that this was an issue until recently, but I’m glad somebody brought it to my attention because I can’t imagine having to explain to all of our wedding guests that their generous gifts went to…a thief.)

Back to business. Since we couldn’t really afford any of the beautiful chest-type card boxes that you can find on Etsy, we decided to try to DIY our own.

The first step was to find a box. Honestly, this was a lot harder than we anticipated. A lot of the boxes that were the right shape were too small. The other boxes were the right size, but too expensive. Or didn’t have a lid – a must given the side note above. We checked several stores that I was sure would have something – Michael’s, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby…all to no avail. Then my mom suggested T.J. Maxx. We hit up the home goods section and scored!

$12.99 in the Home Goods section of T.J. Maxx

Now, as lovely as that Parisian print is, it doesn’t really match our wedding day decor. Like…at all. Not even close. But that didn’t deter us! In full DIY spirit, we bought this baby and decided to cover it and re-decorate to match our lilies and lace theme. I really like that the shape of the box is like a treasure chest, so I set out to find a way to make it look like real wood…despite the fact that it’s made of cardboard. The next day, we found this wallpaper at Menards:

Once we had the wallpaper, all that was left to do (for this step of the DIY process, at least) was cover the card box! We measured out the pieces by tracing the box onto strips of wallpaper – not an exact science, but it worked ok.

Then we soaked each piece of wallpaper in water (as per the directions included with the paper, as it was pre-pasted wallpaper).

And applied each piece to the card box one by one until it was completely covered.

Voila! Step one of the DIY card box process is complete. Next we’re going to clean up the excess paper around the hardware and reattach the handles. The final step will be to jazz it up a bit with decorations that will double as a way to hide those wallpaper seams on the corners. But that’s the topic of another post!

Did you do any DIY projects because you just didn’t like what was out there in your price range? Were you happy with the result?


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