Registry Round 3: The Man’s Mall


For most people, talking about wedding registries tends to conjure images of linens, dinnerware, that fancy schmancy price gun and department stores like Macy’s or Bed Bath and Beyond. While Shaun and I have our other registries at just these type of places for these types of things, we also added one more store to our registry list. This one’s a bit different than the others because it’s…well…a little more man friendly.

Mill’s Fleet Farm, aka “The Man’s Mall”

Since Shaun was so good about helping me register for the more “domestic” items on our list of preferred gifts, we decided to add Fleet Farm to our list of registries for two reasons: a) he’d have fun picking out the items from this store and b) we could register for practical, useful items like tools and other stuff we need but wouldn’t necessarily want to spend money on for ourselves. That’s what a registry is for, right?

So we headed to Fleet Farm to pick out the items that will round out Shaun’s already extensive collection of tools and “manly stuff.”

Once we had the price scanning gun, our first stop was the tool aisle. Hand tools, power tools…you name it, we looked at it. Shaun didn’t have the patience to pick out individual sizes of screwdrivers and wrenches and the like (and to be honest, I really can’t tell the difference between a lot of these things), so we ultimately ended up choosing a few sets of things and moved on.

Honestly, I can’t remember what was going on in these two pictures. Too bad everything in this store kind of starts to look the same after a while. (For the record, I’m 100% positive that those were Shaun’s exact thoughts when registering for kitchen and bathroom stuff.)

One of the biggest problems that we ran into at this store is the prices: we had a hard time finding things that Shaun doesn’t already own that weren’t super expensive. While I think he would have liked to register for some bigger stuff like power tools, we ultimately didn’t register for anything here over $75. And I’m pretty sure that we’ve only registered for 2 or 3 things total that are over $100. While we made sure to include almost everything we wanted on our registry, there were certain items at each store that made us stop and wonder if our families and friends would think we were being greedy if we registered for them. If we were in doubt about something, we generally left it off of the list unless we really wanted it – in that case, we’re hoping that people will “go-in” together on a gift, or give us gift cards to put towards the bigger items. And we’re hoping they won’t hold it against us.

As you can see, my main job at this stop was to take pictures. 😉 Just kidding! I actually helped a lot, particularly when it came to choosing items that I would find useful around the house. But Fleet Farm was mostly Shaun’s domain, and I was completely fine with that. I’m glad that we chose to save his favorite store for last…because what guy likes registering for wedding gifts? Maybe some do, but mine is not one of them. The anticipation of getting to choose “fun” things, as he called them, kept us both a little happier during the long (and kind of tedious) process of registering.

Did you choose an “unconventional” places to register? Did you or your fiance have a favorite store? We sure did!


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