Registry Round 2: The Interwebz


After we got back from registering in-store at Kohl’s, I knew right away that there were a few things on our registry I wanted to change. I was also interested to see if there were any items online that the store didn’t have in stock or that we missed, so I headed to Kohl’s online registry manager to clean things up a bit.

Lesson learned. Although I think it was helpful to go into the store and use the scanner gun at least once or twice...using the online registry tools for stores that have it is way easier. And more fun.

For instance, I immediately found a bunch more kitchen gadgets that we hadn’t seen at the store. And it was a lot easier to compare the brands we had been considering. Although we pretty much had an idea of what brands of kitchen stuff we were looking for when we went to the store, it was much easier to find items that “matched” online.

Matching serving platters and bowls!

Matching holders for our table items!

Even matching bath stuff!

I like matching, what can I say? I never would have found this many matching things in the store, especially the kitchen items. It was helpful to see them all in the online catalogue sitting nicely next to each other so we could find everything we need.

After having so much luck with Kohl’s online registry (as compared to our “just ok” store experience), I decided to set up the rest of our registries that could be set up online right away. This left out one very important store which doesn’t allow online management of their registry, but that’s the topic for another post. So I headed straight to JC Penney online, our second major department store registry.

We had planned on waiting a while before registering at JC Penney, mostly because they carried the brand of dishes that we wanted and I knew that they’d be our primary place for linens: bedding, rugs, possibly curtains, etc. Those types of things tend to change styles pretty regularly, so I was worried about falling in love with a certain pattern and then it being discontinued. But as long as I had the Kohl’s registry fresh in my mind, I headed over to the kitchen section to see if there were any items that Penney’s had that Kohl’s didn’t.

Sure enough, I found some stuff.

While browsing, I decided to take a look at the dishes just for the fun of it. I already knew the brand I wanted us to have, so I figured if the pattern goes out of stock before someone buys them for us, I’ll just change it up. I found a beautiful pattern and decided to stick it on the registry. Sure, there’s a chance that it could be discontinued before the wedding…but then we’ll just have to adjust our registry accordingly.

40 pieces! Plus I love the cream color (as opposed to the black which is shown in the photo)

We decided to continue holding off on the bedsheets and other items for now so that we can actually go to the store and choose them in person. We’ll add them to the registry online, but Shaun is very particular about sheets and bedding (particularly how they feel, plus he wants them to be at least kind of “manly”) so we’re saving that trip for a day closer to the wedding. Maybe over spring break.

With Kohl’s set and Penney’s finished for now, the only registry left to set up was our Amazon registry. This one won’t have much on it, but will be used to round out any items that we couldn’t find anywhere else but think might be useful. So far, it just has kitchen gadgets in the brand that we like that weren’t at either of the two previous stores.

The other thing I like about Amazon is that they let you shop around to find the best price on the item, so our younger friends who are invited will be able to find something in their budget, no matter what that budget is.

So after we were done updating all of our online registries, I couldn’t help but feel like maybe we had too many things on the list. And possibly too many lists. What would people think? Was it too much? After all, we’re going to be registered at 4 or 5 different places by the time of the wedding, even though our largest registries are at one or two of those stores. The others, like Amazon, were to round out the registry with items we wanted but couldn’t find anywhere else. But then I heard somewhere that as a general rule,  you should register for two gifts for each guest invited to the wedding. Seeing as how our guest list currently tops 300, my jaw just about hit the floor. Our registry isn’t quite that big, but I don’t feel bad about it anymore! And if we don’t get everything we registered for, we can just use those awesome store discounts to buy the items for ourselves after the wedding.

Have you ever had better luck shopping or registering online than in a brick-and-mortar store? Did you find it easier to navigate the company’s website and find exactly what you wanted?


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