The Other List(s)


Today’s post, like the title suggests, is about the other list you make when planning a wedding. Not the guest list…the gift list. That’s right, we spent some time this past week creating our registries.

If you think about it, wedding gift registries are kind of a funny concept. You throw yourself a party, and invite all of your closest friends and family. The party is called a wedding, and it’s probably the largest party that you and your new husband/wife will host in your lifetimes…that is, until your kids get married, of course. And to make it just a little bit easier for your guests to get you the perfect gift for such a special occasion, the two of you go to the stores ahead of time and pick out everything you want, put it on a list, and let your guests know where they can buy you those things.

Not that I’m against wedding registries! I think they’re great for modern couples to let everyone know exactly what they have, exactly what they need and what they would really like to receive for wedding gifts. And registering has a special significance for Shaun and I because with our wedding gifts, we’ll be building our first home together. Because of school and work and everything else, we’ve never lived together. So in a lot of ways, registering for kitchen appliances and bathroom towels makes the fact that we’re going to be living together soon as a married couple feel a lot more real.

So where did our wedding registries begin? Although Shaun and I put registering on our winter break “to-do” list, our first trip actually sprang out of an impromptu need to kill some time. On one of Shaun’s days off, as we were getting ready to head up north to his family’s hunting cabin for the day, we found out that we would actually have to wait a few hours. Instead of sitting around and waiting, we decided to head into Green Bay to start our first registry. Or, as Shaun so delicately put it…”get this over with already.”

Seems like even the prospect of using the scanner gun couldn’t get the poor guy excited about a few hours of looking at kitchen gadgets and bathroom decor.

Our first stop that morning was a midwestern staple: Kohl’s.

Green Bay’s east side Kohl’s

For those of you that don’t know, Kohl’s is a department store that originated in Wisconsin (near Milwaukee) but has since become a national chain with stores in almost every state. We decided that this would be a good place for us to register because they have a decent selection as far as kitchen, bath, bedroom and decor items. Plus, they run awesome sales…which is important to our friends and family who are always looking to score a great deal!

Not knowing how much time we might have (or how quickly Shaun would lose patience with this whole process), we headed back to customer service for our gun right away. We set up our registry in the store, but found out that we could have done the exact same thing online at home. Lesson learned. I traded my driver’s license for the scanner gun and we were off!

This giant living room clock is the very first thing we registered for. I think it might be partially because it was one of the first things Shaun saw after he got the gun in his hand. But it’s a really pretty clock, and so we decided to go ahead and scan it.

Shaun showing off the gun in the kitchen section

Our main mission for the day was to get a bunch of kitchen stuff on our registry by deciding what brands we liked in-store. We figured once we had a general idea, we could always go back and add/delete online. We ultimately decided to stick with Oxo and Food Network brands for kitchen gadgets and servingware, with some Pyrex bakeware thrown in there as well. Since another store carried the line of dinnerware we decided on, we skipped dishes and the like here, which saved us some time.

After we finished in the kitchen section, we perused the bath, bed and home decor sections. The first two didn’t turn up much, since we don’t exactly know where we’ll be living yet or exactly how we want to decorate our bathroom and bedroom. When I got home, I did end up adding a cream bathroom set (including a toothbrush holder, soap pump and some other stuff) to the list, but we’re holding off on rugs and curtains for now. Still, it didn’t hurt (too much) to look.

Can you tell he was getting sick of registering? I have to give him some credit…it was really early. 🙂

We rounded out round one of registering in the home decor section, where we found those lovely gold accent pillows and the big brown pillow with circles that you can see me scanning in the picture above. These will perfectly complement the chocolate brown living room furniture set that Shaun already owns, and surprisingly enough he was the one who spotted them on the way back to customer service to return the gun.

I don’t think we were in the store for more than 40 minutes, but we still managed to get a lot of stuff on our very first registry! After we got back from the cabin, I took a few hours to go over our Kohl’s registry online to add items that weren’t available in the store, swap a few items that I ultimately ended up liking better than those we scanned in the store, and deleted a few things that were just way out of our guests’ price range (I’m looking at you, $300 knife block). As I mentioned above, I also took the time to add a few bathroom items, but for now our registry is really kitchen heavy – just the way I like it! I love to cook, and Shaun loves to eat, so this is the perfect way to stock our new kitchen in our new home after the wedding.

Kohl’s is just our first registry – we still have a few more stores to visit, including the local “guy mall” Fleet Farm where I’m sure Shaun will be in 7th heaven registering for things like tools, a grill and whatever else it is that guys need to have around the house. So if it (rightfully) seems like this post is skewed a little towards things that I like and not so much towards things that he likes…I assure you that his time is coming!

Have you ever set up a gift registry before? Where was the first place you chose to register?


About Kimberly H.

I'm a Wisconsin girl born and bred - a 2L at the University of Wisconsin Law School and a former member of the UW Marching Band. I married my best friend on 7/7/2012 and am an avid lover of nail polish, corgi pups and historical fiction novels!

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