How We Chose…the Rest of our Vendors!


Yes, I know. The title of this post is very fancy, to say the least. The last few days I’ve been filling you in on our quest to find the perfect venues, musicians, photographers and videographers…but that’s only the beginning. The truth is that we’ve booked many other vendors for our big day who don’t quite fit as nicely into a little category like the others. This post is going to tell you a little bit about who they are and how we found them!

Cake: Cakes by Joann and North Water Bakery

There’s a bakery in a nearby town that makes the best cakes. We order from them whenever there’s a birthday, graduation party, anniversary or…well…any special occasion where a cake is needed. Naturally, this particular bakery came to mind as soon as we started talking about cakes for the wedding. I browsed Joann’s online gallery and found a couple styles that I liked, so I emailed Joann to ask about prices and if she was available for our date. Since it was almost 17 months before our wedding…the date was open. And her prices were affordable!

We didn’t book right then, but when I was home a few weeks later we made the trip to Algoma and officially paid our deposit to reserve Joann as the baker. There was a sample cake on display in the bakery that I’m absolutely in love with, and it’s still my main cake inspiration for our wedding. While none of these are quite like the cake from the shop that I love, here are a few of my other favorites from Joann’s gallery:

Love the offset tiers and different piping patterns on this cake.

I love that this cake has different shaped tiers with different patterns on each tier.

I really like this cake because of the different shaped tiers. Sensing a theme? 🙂

What I love most about this cake is the placement of the flowers. Gorgeous!

Source: Cakes by Joann

It was as simple as that! We know that the cake is going to be delicious because we’ve gotten so many of her cakes in the past, and based on her gallery and other cakes we’ve seen in person, we know it’s going to be beautiful too. Thank goodness not all wedding vendor decisions are hard to make!

Transportation: Door County Trolley

Source: Door County Trolley

When we first started wedding planning, I officially put Shaun in charge of three things: our officiant, the transportation (e.g., limo) and the DJ. He squared away our officient and DJ pretty early on – and I was super thankful for that! But it took him a little longer to get going on the limo. About 6 months, actually. I’m not sure why, but he really dragged his feet on looking for a limo.

Again, this was something we hadn’t really budgeted a lot for. In reality, we’ll need the transportation from about 4:00 (after the ceremony and pictures at the chapel have ended) until 6:30 when we’ll need to arrive at Beverly Gardens for dinner. Since most transportation companies have a standard 3 hour service option, that will be perfect for us. But I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of cramming me and Shaun and 8 other people into a limo to go all the way to Green Bay to take pictures (more on that later). Limos just aren’t that comfortable.

Here’s where I took over Shaun’s job in the planning process. Instead of a limo, I had the idea to hire a trolley service – they’d be more spacious (each one can seat up to about 20 so we’d have plenty of extra room) and not that much more expensive than a regular old limo. Plus, isn’t this picture awesome?

Source: Tricia DeWar Photography

So I contacted both of the transportation companies who offer trolleys in our area and got a few price quotes. The next week, we booked Door County Trolley as our transportation service for the company. Now we’ll ride to take pictures in style, and Shaun can also get a small fix of his train obsession in the process. Another vendor search complete!

That’s basically all of the major vendors I haven’t filled you in on already! In case you forgot, I already told you how we found our officiant Gloria Butler in this post back in September. And in August I filled you in on how we finally chose Blossoms of Denmark as our florist.  Luckily for you readers, a lot of our meetings with these vendors are coming up in the near future, so I’ll finally get to fill you in on some of the specific details that they’ll be adding to our wedding day. 🙂

Did I leave anyone out? Are there any major vendors that you’ve booked that I either haven’t (or forgot to) talked about?


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