Winter Wedding Projects


Although I’m loving my winter break and enjoying some much needed time off from school, there are a few things that I really enjoy about being home right now. One is getting to see Shaun nearly every day. That’s pretty awesome. The other is finally having some time to dedicate to wedding planning. We’ve been some busy planning bees around here lately!

Plus, who wouldn’t love waking up to this view every morning? It’s our backyard.

It’s hard to believe that one year ago from last Friday (January 6th), Shaun and I were sitting on the beach in Cancun when he asked me to marry him and our lives changed forever. It seems like so long ago…but in some ways it also seems like it was only yesterday. A lot has happened and changed in our lives since then, mostly for the better. And it’s so exciting to think that one year from now, we’ll be leaving for our honeymoon!

Yesterday we also hit another wedding milestone – 6 months until the wedding! The date happened to coincide with a large wedding show in Green Bay, and since Shaun had off of work, we decided to go. Although we had committed to going to the wedding show a few weeks (ok…more like months…) prior to actually buying tickets, we received a big surprise when the owner of Furs of Distinction (the shop where mom bought her mother-of-the-bride dress on Monday) offered us a complimentary pair! So even better than just going to the bridal show, we got to go for free!

Once there, we were a bit disappointed. I guess since we didn’t have too many (or…any) vendors left to book, there wasn’t much for us to do besides taste a few cake samples and enter our names in a few prize drawings. Since Shaun doesn’t like large crowds (and there was indeed a crowd!), we were in and out in a little over half an hour. Here are a few of the goodies we brought home:

Local wedding magazines

A lot of registry info from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Everything you’d ever want to know about Men’s Warehouse

Some “miscellaneous” vendors 😉

A B&B in Door County that was giving away a free night’s stay

So we got a lot of stuff, but not necessarily anything that was helpful. At least we got to go for free!

As for the rest of my winter break, we’ve scheduled a lot of vendor meetings and can hopefully get a lot of the reception and ceremony details squared away. Now I’ll also have ample time to crank out some DIY projects that I’ve been meaning to work on but lost track of with school. I can’t wait to share more information about these meetings and projects with you all on the blog as they come up. So keep reading! The big day will be here before we know it.


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