Shiny Things


Exactly six months from today I’ll be marrying the love of my life! How exciting is that? To celebrate, I thought today’s post would focus on an extra special part of our marriage ceremony – and share with you the shiny things that Shaun and I bought each other to act as the ultimate symbols of our love.

Rings are an important part of the wedding in that they’re the ultimate symbol that husband and wife exchange to show their love. They play an important part in the marriage ceremony itself, and they’re lasting reminders of the promises that we’ll make to each other on that day.

Now, Shaun and I are a bit non-traditional when it comes to our rings. You may remember my ring from a post a while back, the photo that I took right after we got engaged. I love my engagement ring exactly the way it is, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But what you might not know is that my ring is actually a wedding set. Here’s another look to show you what I mean:

Kind of blurry, but you get the idea.

So that little band on the top, as well as the 6 round diamonds that frame the center stone, are actually considered the “wedding band” for this set. But instead of wearing them separately, my “set” has been soldered together since the very first time I wore my ring. Practically, this means that I won’t be getting a “wedding band” on the day we get married, and I’ll only ever have the one ring…unless I decide to get an anniversary band sometime in the future.

Symbolically, though, having only one ring is special to me. I like the idea that there is one ring to symbolize Shaun’s love for me, just like I’ll be giving him one ring to symbolize my love for him. Plus, he’d hate to admit it, but he was a little sad when we got engaged that he didn’t get a ring then too. (Just between us, he said he was sad because he wanted people to know that he was “taken” too…awwww!) I promised him then that, because I was the only one who got a ring when we got engaged, he’d be the only one to get a new ring on the day of the wedding. So we’re even.

In picking out Shaun’s ring, I really wanted it to be special. I wanted it to mirror the one that he picked out for me, yet still be manly and something he would be proud to wear and show off to his friends. Since we decided together that he wouldn’t wear his ring at work (due to the safety hazards of working on a farm), we didn’t need to look at special metals or rings that shatter. I liked the idea of getting his ring in white gold to match the metal that mine is made of. I was also drawn to the idea of getting some diamonds in the band, because if diamonds are good enough to represent his love for me, they’re good enough to represent my love for him! But they still had to be manly. Tough order, huh? Good thing I headed to my local jeweler…where they had just the ring I was looking for.

As soon as I saw this ring, I knew it was perfect! I loved the three small diamonds that have the symbolism that I like, while still being masculine. I also really like that the ring is so thin, so hopefully it will be comfortable for my non-ring wearing future husband when he does wear it. And I really loved that the combination of brushed and non-brushed metal on the band made the ring unique.

Here are a few more photos, just because I wanted to do a photo shoot with my new camera. 🙂

Ok, so I’m not going to quit law school to become a photographer any time soon…but I do really like both of our rings. To finish off this post, I’ll give you a preview of what the rings actually look like on. All of the photos were taken on my hand, because Shaun is at work right now. 🙂

My ring (nails are getting longer!)

Shaun’s ring (on my middle finger, it still needs to be sized)

Both rings on my hand

I couldn’t be more excited about the ring that I chose for Shaun, and I really love that we’ll be able to exchange these symbols of our love during our ceremony on the day that we get married.

Do your rings have any special symbolism behind them, like ours do? I’d love to hear!


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