Clearance Store Centerpieces


Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to (finally) present to you…our centerpieces! Or at least our first round of trials. Which I must say were mostly a success!

As you recall, I kind of hate centerpieces. Or, I did. So we finally decided that we’d keep our centerpieces fairly simple. We settled on two styles of centerpieces that will be placed on alternating tables: half of the tables will have one tall vase with a lily, the other half will have a cluster of small short vases with flowers and candles in them. As for the flowers, we’re going with my orange lilies to tie the centerpieces to our bouquets and really create a theme for our day.

When shopping at TJ Maxx with my mom and sister recently, I spotted these awesome vases on clearance for $6.99 and $7.99 and knew that they would make awesome additions to our centerpiece collection. So I bought them.

That same day, we scored big time at Michael’s and the Dollar Tree, where we found these cute clear beads and green glass stones – perfect for filling the vases. Even better, they match our color scheme!

I’m sure you can see where this is going next. We made a mixture out of the clear and silver beads and the glass stones to fill all of the centerpieces – both tall and short. Throw in a few fake lilies from the clearance section of Michael’s, and our first centerpiece trial is complete!

Side views of the tall centerpieces – with cream and orange fake lilies.

Top view of the tall centerpieces

As far as I’m concerned, these tall centerpieces are perfect! The only thing left to decide is whether we’ll use real flowers or fake ones for the actual day of the wedding. Right now, I’m leaning toward real ones…but we’ll have to see what the budget comes to at the end of the day. As for right now, the hunt continues for more tall vases at bargain basement prices. I might be able to borrow a few from cousins who have gotten married in the past few years, but if nothing else I’ll just continue to hunt for great deals in the clearance aisles. I love a challenge, and after a lot of recent great scores at TJ Maxx, the Dollar Tree and Michael’s, I’ve really caught the clearance shopping bug.

With all of that being said…we don’t have the small centerpieces quite where I’d like them to be yet. In case you forgot, here was my inspiration photo for the small centerpieces, courtesy of Miss Fox:

Source: Miss Fox on Weddingbee

The plan was to use this idea, but switch out the small pink flowers for orange ones (preferably lilies) and tea light candles. To save money on flowers, we’d probably have a 1-flower to 2-candle ratio for each set of 3 vases. That cluster of 3 would constitute one “short” centerpiece. With that idea in mind, we hit the Dollar Tree to see if we could find cute little fishbowl-type glasses. This is what we found:


The problem that I have with our current trial of the short centerpieces is the flower – it’s way too big. Case in point:

Way, way, WAY too big.

Now, this isn’t really a huge problem because this was just a mock up. But real lilies are just as large as these fake ones…unless we happened to find a smaller orange breed. There are a couple ideas we’ve come up with to solve this problem: 1) choose a different flower, 2) get a slightly bigger small vase for the flower, and use the two smallest ones (the size pictured) for tea lights. So each table with a short centerpiece would have 1 flower vase and 2 candle vases. Honestly, I’m hesitant to give up the orange lilies, so we’ll have to see what sizes are available and just how we can make this short centerpiece work.

What do you think of our first trials? Any ideas on how to make the short centerpieces work?


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