Gifting the Men


Welome back! I hope you’re all in a DIY mood today, because I’m going to show you the awesome project that Shaun and I put together for his groomsmen’s gifts. Let’s face it, guys are hard to buy gifts for. It seems like if there’s a good idea for a gift that guys would actually want to receive out there, it’s been done. Over and over and over. But I’m hoping that we struck gold with this idea and that the guys will love them…plus the process of making them was super fun!

But first…



Now that that’s settled, on to the DIY tutorial. I’m really excited that Shaun and I finally found a gift for the guys that we think they’ll love…and that we had fun making for them. Want to know what we made? I’ll give you a hint…


Personalized glasses! My good friend (and personal attendant) J taught me how to etch glasses a few Christmases ago, and all of the gifts I made back then were really well received. When Shaun and I were tossing around ideas for gifts for his groomsmen, we decided that we wanted something practical, something they would keep, and something they could actually use. While flasks are a really popular groomsmen gift, the fact of the matter is they just don’t get used that often, you know? So we decided to go with a set of personalized drinkware – a large pilsner glass and a shot glass for each guy to show our thanks for being a part of our special day.

So, here’s how the project went down:

First, we assembled all of the materials. We found the pilsner and shot glasses online for a great price (I love Amazon Prime!), and we got an even better deal because they both came in sets of six. Although Shaun only has 4 groomsmen, we figured the extra 2 glasses could always be used for ushers, future Christmas gifts…or a replacement in case we messed one up. Luckily we didn’t need to use one of the extra glasses to make up for a mistake. 🙂 As for the other materials, we found the etching cream (brand name Armor Etch), the letter stencils and the paintbrush used to apply the cream all at Hobby Lobby.

The next step was to apply the stencil to the glass. We chose to do each of the guys’ first names on the pilsner glass, and their initials on the shot glass. That “M” stencil sure got a workout!

A note about stencils: you really don’t need them. When J was first teaching me how to etch glass, she taught me that you can use masking tape and an exacto knife to achieve the same effect. Just cover the glass in the masking tape and cut away the design, but remember that the bare spots on the glass are what will be etched away by the cream. Using this method, you can etch any design you want onto the glass! I’ve made projects using this method in the past, but since we were etching just letters into these gifts and we wanted them to look professionally done, we opted to go with pre-made stick on stencils.

After the stencils were applied, the next step is to layer on the etching cream. For this step, we just followed the directions on the bottle of Armor Etch. Basically, you just apply a thick layer of the cream over the stencil using the paintbrush (being careful not to let it go over the edge) and let it sit. After about 10 minutes, we just washed the cream off with warm water, and the glasses were done!

The finished product! This set is for Mike, Shaun’s best man.

Close up of Mike’s pilsner glass

Close up of Mike’s shot glass

So that’s it! We simply repeated the process for each of the 4 groomsmen, and now we have 2 sets of glasses left over to do something with eventually. We plan on wrapping them up really nicely and maybe throwing in a gift card for each of the guys, and giving them their “thank you” gifts at the rehearsal dinner. We’re pretty proud of the way they turned out!

What do you think? Do you find guys harder to shop for than girls? What’s the best groomsmen gift you’ve ever heard of (or received)?


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