Gifting the ‘Maids


Now that I’m on break from school for a few weeks, I finally have time to focus on wedding planning again! Yay! In the spirit of giving and the holiday season, I want to let all of you readers in on a few little secrets – including the gifts that we’ve decided to give the people who are honoring us by being a part of our bridal party. Shaun and I wanted to find a very special way to thank everyone who is putting in so much time and effort to make our wedding day special, and the natural place to begin with these “thank you” gifts were the bridesmaids and groomsmen. So that’s what these next two posts are going to be about!

Plus, since one of my bridesmaids received a very special gift yesterday, this is kind of keeping with that theme. 🙂

But first thing’s first…



Seriously, girls. If you’re still reading this…go away. I don’t want to ruin the surprise! (*waits patiently*)

Ok, now that that’s settled, on to the gifty goodness. Like I said before, I really wanted to do something special and unique for our girls, because they’re giving so much to help make the wedding day special for me and Shaun. Early on in our engagement, I was looking around the blogosphere and fell in love with a certain wedding day detail that I decided I must have. I told you all about this in a previous post.

In case you need a refresher, here’s a picture of the item that I ordered for myself from Etsy seller NoviaArtesana:

But I didn’t stop there! I decided that in addition to a pretty photo of my dress hanging from a personalized hanger, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a photo of all of the dresses hanging on personalized hangers? Something a little like this:


So in addition to ordering the hanger for myself, I also ordered one for each of my bridesmaids. I couldn’t be more happy with how they turned out, and the Etsy seller offered me a discount on multiple hangers and on those for the girls with short names. Score!

For Maid of Honor A

For Bridesmaid R

For Bridesmaid S

For Bridesmaid C

Although I was really happy with how the hangers turned out, I wanted to get all of my girls something a little bit more. Plus, I still didn’t have a gift in mind for my two personal attendants, J and L. A little more Etsy searching brought me the perfect idea – customized jewelry! I wanted to find something simple that the girls could wear with their bridesmaid’s dresses, but also something that they could wear again and that would be versatile between outfits. That’s when I found this cute little charm necklace from Etsy seller JCGemsJewelry.

(Source: JCGemsJewelry)

When I found this image on Etsy, I was pretty much sold on the spot. I loved the coin pearl as opposed to a colored gem because the neutral color makes the necklace wearable with pretty much any outfit. I also liked the leaf charm that could be personalized with each girl’s initial. So I ordered them for all 4 bridesmaids, plus the 2 personal attendants. You can see the little packets with the hangers in the pictures up above.

And here’s a closer look:

For Maid of Honor A

For Bridesmaid R

For Bridesmaid S

For Bridesmaid C

While overall I am really happy with the way these necklaces turned out, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little disappointed by the size when I first got them. Based on the initial picture, I expected the charms on the necklace to be just a little bit bigger. In time, though, I’ve grown to love just how dainty they are…and I hope the girls will love them too! My next mission is to find longer chains for most of them – although each necklace came with a 17″ chain, that’s just not going to be long enough for most of the girls that I’m giving them to. I’m hoping that I can either score some cheap 20″ chains at a sale somewhere between now and the wedding or make them myself after a trip to the jewelry section of Joanne’s.

What do you think? Do you think the girls will like their gifts? If you’re married, what did you get your bridesmaids to say “thanks”?

(All photos personal unless otherwise noted.)


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    • Glad you like them Fran! I wanted to make sure to get each of the girls something special without spending a million dollars (not that they aren’t worth it…just that we’re broke, haha). I think we found the happy medium with these gifts!

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