Try, Try Again


Well, friends, in the spirit of being open and honest and candid and truly myself, I have an announcement to make. In addition to all of the resolutions that I told you about yesterday…I’ve also resolved to resubmit my application to be a blogger for Weddingbee. And this post is going to tell you why.

After my initial application was rejected, I did two things. 1) I wrote to Cathleya (aka Mrs. Penguin) asking for feedback on my blog – what the panel liked, and what they thought I should improve on. 2) I took a long, hard look at the current state of my blog. As you now know, this lead to a massive makeover.

I told you way back in this post that I wasn’t going to reapply to Weddingbee unless I felt that I had a good reason for applying. After thinking long and hard (again) about why I want to be a Bee, there are a few things that I came up with. Those things, to me, are good enough to warrant another application – so I’m going to share with you my reasons for wanting to be a Weddingbee blogger. The reasons that I want it so much that I’m willing to risk a second round of rejection.

First of all, the strengths in my initial application that Cathleya pointed out are the things that I hoped would resonate most with the panel. Being a student. Living in a rural area. Working on a small budget. Living long distance from my fiance. Those are all things that are a part of my real relationship with Shaun, outside of the crazy world of wedding planning. Do they affect the wedding planning process for Shaun and I? Of course. But more importantly, they affect how we grow as a couple and prepare to make our life together, to become one family instead of two individuals. Those are the important things that make us unique that I believe other Weddingbee readers would like to learn about, or could relate to. Not everyone can afford a $100,000 wedding. Not everyone is a late-20’s or early-30’s bride.

Not to mention, my real-life friends are just plain old sick of hearing about the wedding. I can’t blame them. They don’t care about the time and effort that go into all of these projects, or how exciting each vendor meeting can be. Even my family are getting a little worn down. I’ve tried to reign it in as best as I can, but being engaged and planning a wedding is just so dang exciting that I want to share it with the world! While I do like the Weddingbee community, I feel that it would be even more special as a blogger.

And I’ll be honest, guys. Even though I feel like I’m doing a better job of focusing on the important parts of the wedding, like the spiritual journey that Shaun and I are embarking on as we progress towards marriage…I really do like the materialistic aspects of it too. I like my new found DIY craftiness, my obsession with Pinterest, my novel “I could maybe do that myself!” attitude. One of the best parts of wedding planning for me is finding all of that inspiration and figuring out how Shaun and I could make it work for our day…and to be completely, candidly honest, it’s a lot of fun. There’s a reason people love weddings. Of course it’s important to remember the reason for the day, and focus on the marriage, not the wedding.  That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the pretty little details…it just means that I can’t let them make me lose sight of the bigger picture.

So all in all, I’m pretty glad that my first application got rejected. It really gave me a chance to step back and remember exactly who I am, and why I started blogging in the first place. It gave me a chance to really think about the important aspects of the wedding, what it means to me to be a bride, and how my experience differs from those of other girls around the country or around the globe. My unique experience is ultimately the reason that I want to be a Bee, because I feel that there has to be more people out there like me – couples working through some or all of the issues that Shaun and I are working through as they plan their new life together. I want to connect to those people, but I want to remain true to myself. I don’t want to lose sight of what’s important to Shaun and I as a couple. As a soon to be married couple.

On that note, the next two weeks of posts are going to be very wedding-heavy, including posts focusing on the materialistic aspects of the wedding. I want to show Cathleya and the rest of the panel just what a great Bee I would be, and that includes talking about the “fun,” but not “necessary” aspects of the wedding. And at the end of the day, Shaun and I are working hard to make the details that we include in our wedding day both pretty and meaningful. Even if we’re doing it on a very small budget, long distance, and while in school (ok, so that last part only applies to me…but still).

I truly believe that this period of reflection has allowed me to become a more thoughtful blogger, and to put a lot more thought and care into planning each and every aspect of the wedding. To take nothing for granted. I hope that the panel sees that, and considers me a worthy candidate to become a Bee. Wish me luck on application round 2!


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