Black (and white!) Friday


I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! And for all of your super shoppers out there, I hope you had a wonderful Black Friday. 🙂 We had a big day on Friday in our family as well, including a trip to Tina Marie’s to try on the dresses!

This was basically me. (Source)

The day started like any other typical Black Friday, waking up at 4 am. That’s right, we didn’t even bother braving midnight crowds. Because we didn’t need any of the hot-ticket front page of the ad items, we arrived in Green Bay about 4:30 am and hit the big stores first – Kohls and Target. We got some great deals at both stores, including bed sheets for my mom’s new king size bed and some of my favorite TV series’ on DVD for $7.99 each. Then we hit the mall. Some of my best finds included:

These adorable Rampage boots from Younkers

(Image via Overstock)

A cute sweater from Old Navy for $15

(Image via Old Navy)

A new pair of Liz Claiborne glasses for half price from my eye doctor, to replace the ones that accidentally got flushed down our toilet a few weeks ago. Long story.

(Image via Frames Direct)

And some other cool stuff, including a suit from J.C. Penney and more Christmas gifts from Amazon. After we finished shopping at the mall, I had a quick doctor’s appointment (pesky bronchitis…) and then we made our way to Algoma for the best part of the day – dresses!

As always, Tina was great even though she was pretty busy that day. My mom tried on a few mother-of-the-bride dresses, although she ultimately hasn’t decided on a dress for herself yet. My sister and I both got to try on our dresses, and I picked out my final accessories (maybe more on that later). The last order of business was deciding on the kind of bustle that my dress will have. Everything went super smoothly! It was an amazing feeling to see my dress again and to try on the actual dress that was made just for me. The one I’ll be wearing the day I marry Shaun! It was really exciting. The best part is that I left the shop with my dress, alterations and accessories entirely paid for, so unless I choose to buy more things for myself (which I really should not), my entire wedding day look is complete.

Did you find any good deals on Black Friday? Did any of your wedding-related activities fall on holiday weekends, or did you reserve those outings for less busy times?


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