Baby Talk: Showers of love!


We interrupt your regularly scheduled wedding blogging for this quick, special recap – of Bridesmaid C’s baby shower!

Bridesmaid C and her husband opening gifts – a little blurry

Yesterday, Personal Attendant J and I made our way to Bridesmaid C’s hometown for her baby shower! Bridesmaid C and her husband are expecting their first born in December, and their parents threw them a baby shower near the town where they met, went to high school, and got married. In addition to spending some quality time with J during the hour-long drive there and back, we had a lot of fun at the shower itself!

The party was hosted by C’s mom and her husband’s mom (the grandmas-to-be), so of course there was a ton of really good food. The first thing we did once the party got underway was eat.


Bridesmaid C’s mom mingling with J after eating

The daddy-to-be!

And C looking fabulous at 8 months pregnant. You can’t really see her belly in this picture, but it’s relatively small anyways. Everyone kept telling her she didn’t look that pregnant! (Whatever that means.)

There’s a better belly picture!

After/while eating, we played the requisite shower games. Thankfully, C isn’t a huge fan of shower games (neither am I) so we only played 2: one where you had to cut a piece of tape to the length you thought was closest to the circumference of C’s baby belly, and the other was the one where you’re not allowed to say the word “baby.”

C’s mom measuring to see who was guessed closest to the circumference of C’s baby belly

And the winner is…I honestly don’t remember. Haha. One of C’s cousins, I think.

After the games, C and her husband opened all of the gifts. Apparently I did a really good job as a bridesmaid, because C’s mom recruited me to be the “scribe” and write down what each person gave on the back of their card to assist C and her husband in writing thank you cards later on. I was happy to help!

My view during gift opening…I sat behind them because I didn’t want to be in the way/draw attention to myself, but it made it hard to see what gifts they got when they forgot to announce them clearly!

A few pics where you can see me in the back, performing my scribely duties. 🙂 Taken by C’s mom.

C with her mom and husband while opening gifts.

Gifts! (Just a few of the tons that they received, obviously)

The gift from yours truly! I especially like the stuffed horse/giraffe (we couldn’t decide what animal it actually was) and the basket that matches the color of the wood on their crib and changing table.

It was a great time! I had so much fun picking out the baby’s present, hanging out with J at the shower, and seeing C and her husband really get excited about the arrival of their baby. It’s coming up quick! And strangely enough, the whole thing started getting me really excited for my own bridal shower which is only a few months away. Crazy!

What’s your favorite party of baby or bridal showers? Do you like the games?


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I'm a Wisconsin girl born and bred - a 2L at the University of Wisconsin Law School and a former member of the UW Marching Band. I married my best friend on 7/7/2012 and am an avid lover of nail polish, corgi pups and historical fiction novels!

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