Be our guest (books)


Time to share another little project we’ve been working on – our guest book! Or…guest book alternatives. Not totally sure which yet.

The thing is, while we’ve come up with several ideas, we haven’t really decided which option to choose. So that’s where I’m hoping that my bloggy friends can help us out. Let us know which option is your favorite!

Shutterfly Photo Guest Book

First up, we have our semi-traditional photo guestbook. This little beauty came to us courtesy of a coupon from Shutterfly and Best Buy –  when Shaun bought his netbook recently, we also got a free 8×8 photo book! I’m really happy with how it turned out overall, and I like the idea of incorporating our engagement photos in with our guest book. Here are a few of my favorite pages (taken as screen shots from Shutterfly’s photo editing software).

(Screenshots via Shutterfly)

So as you can see, the book we made has a nice combination of photos and spaces for our guests to sign, and I really like how it turned out, overall! There are a few problems, though. A few of the photos are blurry (this isn’t a big deal, just an observation). Also, the paper is glossy, so we’d have to be extremely selective in the type of pen we let guests use, or everything is going to smudge. Finally, while I thought I included plenty of signature pages (more than the sample book suggested!), I’m starting to doubt whether this little 20 page book will hold well-wishes from all of our guests. Especially since we’re anticipating about 300 guests.

Fingerprint Tree

Next up is a less traditional, but very “in” option – the fingerprint tree. Basically, you start with a blank tree and guests use ink we provide to leave their fingerprints and fill in the “leaves.”

(Made for us by Style Unveiled!)

The above picture is actually a scaled down version of what the tree would look like pre-fingerprints. I think we’d possibly have guests sign their name or initials next to their print to let us know whose they are. Here’s what the tree would look like once guests added their fingerprints!

(Source: Style Unveiled)

The only potential problem with the tree is that our guests might not “get it.” One way to get around that would be to have the wedding party and certain family members be the first to add their fingerprints to demonstrate how the tree works. And I think it would be important to include either initials or signatures with each print to make it even more meaningful. But wouldn’t this  be something awesome to frame after our wedding and hang in our new home to remind us of everyone who was there and supported us on the day we tied the knot? I think so!

Other Options

We’ve also considered other options like a traditional, no-picture guest book, or getting an 8×10 engagement photo matted and having guests sign the matte. Right now, I think we’re leaning towards having both the photo guest book and the tree, so that guests can leave us a message in the book if they like, but so that we also have a fun piece of “art” created by our guests on our wedding day. Would it be too much to ask guests to do both?

Have you seen any other creative guest book ideas? Do you think people will “get” the fingerprint tree, or should we stick with a more traditional guest book? Will our tiny photobook be so overfilled that we should get a backup? Decisions, decisions! Your help and advice is appreciated!


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