More exciting news!


Alternate title: I hate waiting.

The other day I got a very exciting phone call…the dresses are in! Not just my wedding dress (which is squee worthy in and of itself!) but also the bridesmaid dresses! Unfortunately, I’m not sure when we’re going to be able to see them.

I guess the cat…erm…dress will have to stay in the bag a bit longer.


The first problem is that we’re still 8 months away from the wedding. That’s far too early to be worrying about fittings and alterations and all of that good stuff. But, selfishly, I still want to try my dress on just once now that I know it’s here. My main impatience comes from the fact that the sample dress was white, and we ordered it in ivory. I’m slowly learning though, that ivory can mean one of a million different shades of almost-white-but-not-white, so I’m anxious to learn just what shade of ivory my dress actually is. I also want to get a move on ordering my veil and shoes, both of which I’ll probably get at the salon where I ordered my dress. But I need an appointment to do all of this.

As of now, my sister and I are hoping to go and try on our dresses together (her with her bridesmaid dress, me with the dress). She’s never actually tried on the bridesmaid dress that she chose for herself and the girls because the sample size was teeny, so I’m anxiously awaiting seeing her in her pretty green dress almost as much as I want to try on my own! And yet we wait.

My sister attends college in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, about 4 hours from home. I live about 3 hours from “home” myself, but in the other direction, so getting us all in the same place for any extended period of time is going to be a challenge as we get closer to the wedding. Right now, we’re trying to make Thanksgiving weekend work…but we’ll see if this plan actually pans out, because I have no idea what the hours of operation of the salon are going to be the week of Thanksgiving.

If it works out, then I’ll get to try on my dress in just a few short weeks! If not, we’ll have to wait until winter break. I’m just so impatient lately, and knowing that the dresses are in is making me especially antsy!


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