More favorite shots: bridal portraits


Welcome back! Things got pretty real on Monday…like “sharing my deepest darkest secrets with you all” real. I hope you enjoyed it…if not, that’s ok because we’re back in the business of talking wedding planning today.

So there’s one group of pictures that I’ve conspicuously left out of my “favorite shots” until this point – mostly because I don’t know how I feel about them. Rather, I do know how I feel about them, but I feel bad about the way I feel about them. Does this make any sense? Probably not. Let me clarify – I’m talking about bridal portraits.

(Source: Tricia DeWar Photography)

To get this all out on the table, I love seeing bridal portraits. I love everything about them. I think it’s a great idea to capture a woman on the day when she certainly feels, if not looks, the most beautiful that she has in her entire life. And all of the bridal portraits that I’ve seen lately have been absolutely stunning.

So what’s my problem? Well, on some level, I think that the idea behind bridal portraits is a selfish one. Mostly because you hardly ever see solo portraits of the groom given the same amount of love and attention that similar photos of the bride are given. Don’t get me wrong – I will be taking (and want!) photos of me looking my best, but I don’t want Shaun to get left out of that process either. I think having solo shots of both of us at our spiffiest will be a great addition to our wedding album. Plus, they’re photos we can get “out of the way” before the ceremony so that we can focus on our photos together afterwards.

Some really beautiful girls that I graduated from high school with were recently married, and what struck me more than anything else was how gorgeous their bridal portraits were. Here are some of my favorites from a couple recent weddings:

(Source: a.lentz photography)

(Source: Adam Shea Photography)

Aren’t they beautiful? There are photos of several other girls I’d love to share with you, but unfortunately I’m having some trouble tracking down the identity of their photographers to source properly…but I’ll come back and add them if I ever figure it out! Of course, there are countless gorgeous bridal portraits floating around the Internet of women that I don’t know. These photos have also given me some inspiration for specific pose ideas.

The shoe shot, via 100 Layer Cake

This bride looks so happy! Via Weddingbee

This photo struck me as a fun way to do the typical “bride and her bouquet” shot.

(Source: Magnolia, via The Perfect Palette)

And what would a “favorite shots” post be without a few from our super awesome photographer (who I love more and more every day) Tricia DeWar? Here are a few stunning bridal portraits I found while perusing her blog…

Apparently, I’m in love with that bride.

This would be a fun way to include both of us in the picture, while still maintaining the feel of a “solo” shot!

(Source: Tricia DeWar Photography)

I don’t know what to say about that last group of shots except for I love everything about it. To me, those 4 photos together would make an awesome page in a wedding album. Not only do you have a super sweet shot of the couple, but also a solo of both the bride and the groom, and they both look amazing! I love love love it. I feel more and more confident every day that we chose the perfect photographer.

Did you get solo photos taken for your wedding? Did both the bride and groom get them taken, or just the bride? And did you do them before or after the ceremony?


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