More favorite shots: the reception


From everything that I know about weddings, the reception is the time and place for food, drink, dancing and general merriment – and all of the fantastic photo opportunities that come with those things.

Much like the ceremony photos, there aren’t many reception photos available on our photographer’s blog because all of them basically turn out the same. They are photos that memorialize important, iconic parts of the wedding day, but they aren’t unexpected or new. As such, I turned mostly to Weddingbee for the photos in this post, because the blogger bees include every wonderful moment in their wedding recaps!

There are many “must have” photos taken at every reception, including…

The first dance. I’m pretty sure we’re going to end up doing the 5th grade sway, because neither of us really wants to take dance lessons. But these pictures assure me that it will be ok. Look at how cute these couples are!

(Source: Mrs. Buttons on Weddingbee)

(Source: Mrs. Meerkat on Weddingbee)

(Source: Mrs. Cardigan on Weddingbee)

Cutting the cake. I’m not a huge fan of the “tradition” of smooshing the cake in each other’s faces, but the pictures of the bride and groom feeding each other cake are kind of sweet. (Ha. Cake pun.)

(Source: Mrs. Octopus on Weddingbee)

The father/daughter and mother/son dances. Like many of the Bees, we’re going to be combining these into one dance to save time and let people get out onto the dance floor faster. We’re still in the process of choosing a song for this dance.

(Source: Mrs. Barrettes on Weddingbee)

(Source: Mrs. Meerkat on Weddingbee)

The bouquet toss. The bane of every single girl’s existence. But we’re a fairly young couple, so I’m hoping that our friends won’t be bouquet-ed out yet at our wedding. A lot of people recently seem to be choosing to get rid of the bouquet toss all together, but I think it’s a fun little thing to throw (Ha. Another pun.) into the reception. And its fun to see girls get competitive.

(Source: Mrs. Cherry Pie on Weddingbee)

(Source: Mrs. Lovebug on Weddingbee)

The garter toss. Maybe even more hated than the bouquet toss. I’m still not crazy about the idea of Shaun rummaging for the garter under my dress in front of our friends and family members…but it should be fun. Right?

(Source:Β Mrs. Cherry Pie on Weddingbee)

(Source: Mrs. Poodle on Weddingbee)

And much, much more…

Back home, we also do a “grand march” about mid-way through the reception. I always thought this was a common thing, but in reading Bee recaps, I don’t really think it’s common elsewhere. Most of the bees have posted photos of the party’s “grand entrance” to the reception, but our grand march is in addition to that. Usually the bridal party will dress up in funny costumes (like camouflage if the groom is a deer hunter, or cheerleading outfits if the bride was a cheerleader, etc.) and dance to a song together. It helps to keep the party going if the dance floor is starting to die down and it introduces the bridal party to the guests who are still left…in case they forgot or weren’t paying attention during the ceremony. At least, that’s what I have to assume is the purpose of the grand march is, because I don’t actually know. I’ve always thought it was a little ridiculous and unnecessary, but we’ll be doing one. Hopefully without costumes.

What reception traditions are your favorite? Any you could do without?


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