More favorite shots: the ceremony and the couple


Welcome, and happy Wednesday! I got a lot of positive feedback on my last “favorite pictures” post, so I figured I’d do a follow up featuring my all-time favorite ceremony photos, as well as some sweet couple shots of the bride and groom. Most of these photos were taken either during the first look or after the ceremony, and I think the emotion in them simply radiates off of the page. I can literally feel the love!

(Source: Weddingbee)

Ok, so that one’s not technically a ceremony photo – it’s a first dance shot from a gallery on Weddingbee. But I feel that it perfectly exemplifies what I want our wedding pictures to be at the end of the day – perfect little snapshots that capture the love that Shaun and I have for each other. The love that continues no matter how difficult things get, the love that makes all of the day to day issues that we have to work through worth it.

I think it can be difficult to make ceremony photos look “special.” It takes a really talented photographer – one who cares about their clients and who has a natural talent for timing and capturing light. Since ceremonies are so inherently similar (even though they can be very, very different based on the preferences of the couple). Luckily, I think we have just that sort of photographer. Not all of these photos are by her, but her style is very similar to most of these.

(Source: 100 Layer Cake)

(Source: 100 Layer Cake)

Lovely pictures of a ring warming, and the post that inspired me to do this ourselves.

(Source: Mrs. Hippo on Weddingbee)

A unique perspective on the bridal entrance. Side note: I do really want a photo of Shaun crying. Because he will cry. I’m calling that right now.

(Source: Mrs. Buttons on Weddingbee)

Beautiful during-ceremony photos: including at the altar, exchanging vows and exchanging rings

(Source: Mrs. Piglet on Weddingbee)

And finally, the big kiss. This was taken at the wedding of a girl I went to high school with. One of my cousins was a bridesmaid (she’s the crying one) – I also absolutely love the flowers that they used at their wedding!

And after, the wedding…a gazebo! I would love a shot of Shaun and I similar to this one in front of our gazebo at the chapel.

(Source: Tricia DeWar Photography)

I must say that finding those photos did take quite a while…because it’s not easy to find good ceremony photos, especially online. Usually photographers post more of their “artsy” work to attract prospective clients. And, to be perfectly honest, usually ceremony photos are pretty boring. Unless they’re done right, that is. I think the photos above are great examples of ceremony photos done right.

It’s a bit easier to find creative shots of the bride and groom together, because that’s what most photographers’ online portfolios consist of. Here are a few of my favorites…

Remember this pic? It was in my last favorite shots post. Still love it.

(Source: Tricia DeWar Photography)

(Source: Featured on The Knotty Bride)

(Source: Tricia DeWar Photography)

(Source:  Tricia DeWar Photography)

(Source:  Tricia DeWar Photography)

Fun fact: in that last set of pictures from Tricia, the bride is my mom’s cousin! They got married in August and, as you can see, she looked absolutely beautiful. And the couple before them is the same girl that I went to high school with that I mentioned earlier in the post. I just love these photos!

So what do you think? If you’re a photographer – what’s your favorite thing to shoot during the day? The ceremony and reception, or the posed shots in between? Do you prefer posed to candids, or do you take a more photojournalistic approach? And if you’re a bride-to-be or a guest, which types of pictures do you enjoy more?


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