Party Time! The boys are back in town.


Last time you met the girls, now it’s time to meet the guys! Shaun also chose 4 guys for his side of the aisle, to balance out the 4 girls on my side. I introduced the girls by their first initials last time, mostly for privacy reasons. But since 3 of the guys have the same first initial, I’m going to use their actual first names in this post (*gasp!*) I hope they don’t mind, and I realize that as readers you probably don’t care about minutiae like that, but I like consistency. 🙂

So, without further ado…the boys!

Best Man – Mike

Mike, Shaun’s friend Justin and Shaun in Cancun for Spring Break

I said in the last post that I have known that my little sister would be my Maid of Honor forever, and I think Shaun has known for quite some time that Mike would be his best man. They’ve been friends since high school, and because of that I’ve known Mike since the days when Shaun and I started dating my freshman year. Mike is a great friend and an awesome guy – I think he was instantly the most supportive of Shaun and I when we made the decision to get back together the summer before my senior year of undergrad. I know Shaun would trust Mike with his life, so I know he’s the perfect choice to be Shaun’s Best Man.

Groomsman – Matt

Much like I’m having Shaun’s sister as a bridesmaid, Shaun is having my brother be one of his groomsmen. Matt’s a senior in high school this year, and both he and Shaun’s sister graduate about a month before the wedding. I’m glad that Shaun asked him to be a groomsman because I think we’ll all have a lot of fun as a group together – my brother is definitely quite a character. But it also gives Shaun a chance to get to know his future brother-in-law a little better before the wedding.

Groomsman – Michael

Michael and Shaun at Christmas about 3 years ago

The picture above is a little misleading – although Michael is Shaun’s younger brother, he is now easily several inches taller than Shaun. Michael is a sophomore in high school and is the youngest of our siblings. I have to admit that Michael is probably the member of our wedding party that I know the least about, because he’s a little shy. But he’s a super sweet kid, and I’m excited to get to know my future brother-in-law more as time goes by.

Groomsman – Eli

Me, Shaun and Eli as crayons for Halloween in 2010

I met Eli my sophomore year in the Badger Band, and we’ve been really good friends ever since. When Shaun and I started dating again, he and Eli hit it off pretty much right away. Since Eli is currently one of my roommates, we all get to hang out when Shaun comes down to visit in Madison. Eli is a great friend who has helped both Shaun and I when we hit tough spots with each other, and he’s just a super dependable guy in general.

In addition to the groomsmen, we’ll be having 2 ushers – my godfather and Shaun’s godfather. Ironically enough, they’re both named Steve. So in all, we’ll be having 6 guys performing special functions on our wedding day and all of them have a special meaning to us both as individuals and as a couple.

Did you have a hard time choosing your wedding party? Did the girls or the guys pose more of a problem? Or did you have a mixed bridal party (with both guys and girls on each side)? We definitely considered that at one point, but ultimately decided against it. Thoughts in general? I’d love to hear!


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