Party Time! Meet the Girls.


Hello again, everyone! Now that you have seen my favorite photos of wedding parties, I figured that it’s high time I formally introduce you to the fabulous people that will be standing up with Shaun and I on our big day! Today, I’ll introduce you to the girls and in the next post you’ll get to meet the guys.

I knew right away that I wanted a relatively small bridal party. Since family is very important to us and Shaun and I both have siblings, that made choosing half of our bridal party fairly easy. Choosing the remaining people proved harder than I thought it would, though. Family or friends? How many couples should we actually have? Would anyone be offended that we didn’t choose them?

In the end, I’m super happy with the girls that I chose to be my bridesmaids – all of them are fantastic and supportive and so excited to be a part of our big day. Want to meet them? Of course you do!!

Maid of Honor – A

On a WIXX Foxy Lady Cruise in 2008

At our first Brewer game in 2008

At A’s NHS induction and my NHS cord ceremony in high school, 2007

At an amusement park in Wisconsin Dells in 2007

I have known forever that my younger sister would be my maid of honor if/when I ever got married. We shared a room growing up – from the time our younger brother was born until I left for college at the age of 18. Growing up, I would say that we were your typical sisters – we played with Barbies together, but we also fought. We were friends sometimes, mortal enemies at others. Today, I’m happy that we’re as close (or maybe even more so) as ever. A is attending a school in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where she’s studying to be a Biomedical Engineer, so needless to say she is crazy smart! (And the complete opposite of me when it comes to math/science. And by that I mean, she can actually do math and science.) But it also means that I don’t get to see her a lot, which is a bummer. When we’re both home, my sister is my shopping buddy, the only person who will sit through a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress or Four Weddings with me, and the one who will always suggest playing Disney Scene It even though we all know she’s going to blow us out of the water. She always lets me borrow her clothes and shoes when I ask (provided that I give them back right after I’m done.) She’s an amazing quilter and super crafty.

But more than anything she’s a wonderful, kind-hearted person who would do anything for a friend. I’m so lucky that I have such a talented, amazing and kind woman as my only sister, and I’m so happy that she accepted my request that she be my maid-of-honor.

Bridesmaid – R

R is Shaun’s younger sister. Unfortunately, I don’t have any great photos of us together (yet!) but here’s one of her gorgeous senior pictures. Like my younger brother, R is currently a senior in high school and is getting ready to start college next fall. She knows more about animals than I’m pretty sure I ever will and I think she wants to attend tech school to be a Vet Tech. In my opinion, she could be a full-blown veterinarian!

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know R since Shaun and I got back together. She (and all of Shaun’s family!) has been so supportive since learning of our engagement. I’m so excited to continue to get to know my future sister-in-law and brother-in-law more as time goes by, and I consider myself extremely lucky that I get to watch them become the successful adults I know they’re going to be.

Bridesmaid – S

Another family member! (And another one where I couldn’t find a picture of the two of us together…which is weird because I’m pretty sure there are tons somewhere.) S is my cousin on my dad’s side, and we have been very close for basically my whole life. I have a very tight-knit family in general (despite its large size…) – many of my cousins were my best friends while growing up and we remain close today. But even given that close family situation, S and I have always been particularly close. She’s a few years older than me, so she was someone that I looked up to when I was younger…but she wasn’t too annoyed to be seen hanging out with her little cousin (usually).

It was awesome to be able to spend so much time with her this summer when I was working and living back at home. She inspired me to start going to yoga with her twice a week, and we also frequented a great little wine and tapas bar in Green Bay – so much fun! Other than Maid of Honor A, she’s the person in my bridal party who I’ve known (and who’s known me) longest so I’m super excited to have her stand by my side on our special day. They say that you can’t pick your family, but I sure am thankful for the amazing family that I have!

Bridesmaid – C

Me as a bridesmaid for C’s big day!

Last, but certainly not least, is the bridesmaid that you’ve already met in a previous post. She is my only non-family member bridesmaid. We met my freshman year of college (her sophomore year) in the Badger Band and have been besties ever since. We even had a year long stint as roommates before she and her husband got married. C has had a really big year – she got married in July 2010, just bought a house and is having her first baby in December! Yet through all of that (and law school, which takes away my entire social life), we manage to keep in touch and hang out on a regular basis. And even though I gave her the option to change her mind once she found out that she’d have a little person to take care of by the time the wedding rolls around, C was adamant about the fact that she wouldn’t miss being my bridesmaid for the world. And I’m so thankful that she’s going to be there.

In addition to my 4 bridesmaids, I will also have 2 personal attendants helping me out with everything and anything that might come up on the day of the wedding. These fantastic chicas are so special to me, and I’m so honored that they agreed to be personal attendants and help me out even though the wedding party itself will be relatively small.

Personal Attendant – J

J and me at a random band party – judging by the length of my hair, I think it was senior year.

Like C, I met J in the Badger Band – except that we were in the same class. We went through 4 years of being band members together, plus 1 year of being roomies! She’s super dependable and an amazing friend, plus she’s approachable and fun and knows how to party. That’s exactly what makes her the perfect go-to girl for my wedding day! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s awesome at makeup (she did C’s makeup that you can see in her wedding photo above!) All in all, I know exactly who to turn to if I have a crisis on the day of the wedding if J is there.

Personal Attendant – L

L and Bridesmaid S with my dad before my senior band concert

And we’re back to family with my second personal attendant, L. She’s also a cousin on my dad’s side who I’ve been close with my whole life. Since L was born in September and I was born the following January, we’re practically the same age – meaning we’ve gone through a lot of milestones together. L immediately came to mind when I was thinking about personal attendants  because she’s patient, kind and dependable. She comes through when you need her – and I trust her and J to take care of anything that might come up during the wedding that I don’t have time to deal with. These girls will probably be life savers!

So that’s (finally) it! Those are all of my girls. Did you have a big bridal party? Even numbers of guys and girls? A personal attendant (or two)? I’d love to hear!


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