The Dating Game


So I know I left you all with a pretty big cliff-hanger last time, so I promise I’ll get right back into the story after a quick recap. 🙂 In case you missed it, this week I’m recounting the story of how Shaun and I become a couple, starting with how we met and dated in high school. We left off with graduating senior Shaun breaking up with sophomore Kim to pursue college and…whatever else it is that 18 year old boys pursue. I’ll leave the elaboration to your own minds.

The truth is, we never really took a “if it’s meant to be, we’ll find a way back to each other” approach to the break up. At least,  I didn’t. I figured that if he knew after over a year of dating that he didn’t want to be together, then that was that. It’s funny how these things work out, sometimes.

Together again

The big reunion between us occurred the summer before my senior year of college. I’ll do the math for you – that’s 5 years (roughly) from the time that we broke up. During that time, we had remained friends…ish. We talked online every once in a while and managed to bump into each other in my hometown when I was home for the summers, but that was about it.

During the summer in question, I was back in my hometown working and studying for the LSAT, which I took in June. Shaun had invited me to hang out on several occasions already that summer, but I had declined because I spent most of my free time studying. He wasn’t so happy about this – I think I heard something along the lines of “you worry too much” and “why would you stress out so much about one little test?” multiple times. (I should note that when I got into law school, he was happy that I had put off hanging out with him until the LSAT was over.) The test came and went, and it just so happened that the day I found out my LSAT score, which was much better than I had anticipated getting, he invited me out again. I was in such a good mood that I decided to go – and I’m so glad I did.

We realized then that we still connected after such a long time lapse – something that definitely surprised me. So we kept seeing each other, first throughout the summer and then even when I moved back to Madison for my senior year.

We went to 6 Flags in Illinois…

To the Vilas Zoo in Madison (the best free zoo in the world!)…

Shaun got to experience his first Badger game on the day after his birthday…

We cheered our high school football team (and my little brother!) on to victory at the State Championship game…

Shaun got to meet a lot of my band friends at events like “Ranksgiving”…

And he even got to go to a couple more Badger games (this pic was taken right after my last game in Camp Randall)!

Somewhere in the middle of all that, we fell in love again. Despite the long distance relationship, we found that we were happy together. So that’s it! Well…almost.


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    • Haha, glad you are enjoying this mini series about us! Don’t worry, the final installment is coming on Friday and the story will be complete then. 🙂

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