About Us: In the Beginning…


Welcome back! I realized when I was writing last Friday’s post that although I’ve been blabbering on about wedding plans and details and whatnot for the past 9 months, I’ve never actually formally introduced you to Shaun or me or us as a couple. So guess what? That’s what we’re going to do this week. Today I’d like to take you on a trip down memory lane back to when Shaun and I met almost 8 years ago…

Aren’t we cute?? Ok, so that picture was taken at Shaun’s junior prom, aka the day we became a “couple.” But I suppose even that’s jumping into the story a little early. So here’s how it all went down.

In high school, I may or may not have had a problem with serial dating. I had never had a boyfriend before high school, but for some reason my freshman year, things changed. One of my classmates asked me to the homecoming dance that year, then I dated another for about a month during the annual winter musical. Right around prom time I found myself single again, not that it really bothered me to not have a boyfriend. In fact, after musical dude broke up with me, I had sworn off of guys for a while. Yeah, right. Like that ever works.

So one day I was sitting in the lunch room with my friends, when a girl I knew came up to me and told me that a kid named Shaun thought I was cute. Strangely enough, the name didn’t ring a bell. At all. I had never even heard of him before. Which is weird, because my high school only had about 400 students total. My graduating class was 80. Everyone knew everyone, so it was weird that this mysterious “Shaun” thought I was “cute.” Eventually we did meet, and we talked a little bit in the hallway if we ran into each other. Want to know a secret? It was so  awkward. But then again, who isn’t  awkward at age 15?

So in case you haven’t done the math, at this point I was a freshman and Shaun was a junior. He also happened to be on prom court that year, which meant that he already had a date for the dance. Luckily for me, our high school was small enough that anyone could go to any dance – you didn’t need to be in a specific grade or have a date to attend. As long as you paid your $10 for the ticket, you got to go. So my girlfriends and I bought dresses, got our hair done, had dinner at my parent’s house that night and went to the dance. Secretly, I was hoping that Shaun would save at least one dance for me. Well, he did.

By the end of the night, we decided (in the way that so many high school kids do) that we should start dating. I’m pretty sure we sealed the deal with some serious hand holding. What can I say, I was a freshman! The next part of the story is predictable – we dated until he graduated the following year…

My sophomore homecoming dance – it was a beach theme.

My sophomore year prom

And, lest you think we were always dolled up, a regular photo.

…at which point Shaun broke up with me.

That’s right, world. I’m marrying a guy who once broke my heart. When Shaun and I broke up in 2005, it was the longest relationship I had ever had – we dated for over a year! That’s serious rapport for a 16 year old. I was crushed for a while, but I’d be lying if I said that my serial-dater ways didn’t continue throughout my last 2 years of high school.

So now I know what you’re thinking – but if Shaun broke your heart, how on earth did you two end up getting engaged? Well, you’ll just have to tune in next time to hear the remainder of that story!


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