Meet in the Middle


Today, my friends, is a very special day in our relationship (although, who am I kidding? Every insignificant milestone seems special right now). While 7 is usually my lucky number, today “9” is the winning one for Shaun and I. Why you ask? Well, 9 months (and one day) ago, Shaun proposed to me in Mexico. And exactly 9 months from today, we will be getting married.

Yep, we’ve reached the halfway point in our engagement. While it can hardly be described as the “home stretch” from here on out (let’s face it, there’s still a lot of things to do and time that has to pass before next summer), something about the halfway mark has put me in an extremely excited and reflective mood.

On the one hand, we have accomplished a lot in the last 9 months. We’ve enjoyed being engaged and have grown stronger as a couple despite our current frustrating long distance situation. We’ve made a lot of important decisions about our wedding and how we will approach married life after the wedding. Looking back, it seems like forever ago that we were sitting at that little white table on the beach while the sun was setting.

Taking pictures on the beach, just minutes before Shaun proposed.

Yes, I promise to tell you that whole story soon…because I’m just now realizing that I never have.

Thinking back on all we’ve accomplished since January and how much we’ve done since getting engaged, it does make me a little disheartened to think that there’s still that amount of time before the wedding. I mean, it seems like such a long time. But people assure me that it will fly by. I guess the best thing to do now is to take this time to enjoy being engaged. Let’s face it…after July 7th, Shaun and I will be married for the rest of our lives. Compared to that, our engagement of 18 months seems like a grain of sand on a beach. I keep trying to remind myself that it’s an important time to learn and grow together as we make the journey towards becoming husband and wife, and that I should enjoy it instead of just wishing it would be over already.

If you’re married, what did you do with your future spouse during the engagement time besides plan the wedding? How long was your engagement, and did it help you to grow as a couple beyond what you had been as “boyfriend and girlfriend?”


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