Back to long distance


After one crazy weekend of moving, it’s official: Shaun and I are doing the long distance thing again. I’m not going to lie…this is less than ideal for me. There was a lot of time and thought that went into this decision, but honestly, that doesn’t make it any easier.

Before Shaun proposed and even began to entertain the idea of moving to Madison this year, I signed a lease with 3 really good friends of mine (one is a groomsman!) for a 4 bedroom house. This past weekend, we moved in and so far, things are going alright. My room is large and sunny – both major pluses, especially for those times when I feel the need to get out of the library and study at home. Plus, there’s a really cute kitty that one of my roommates just adopted from the Humane Society.

Meet Sophie Stoll: resident mouser, cuddler and master of "I'm going to get into your face until you share your food with me"

Still, after a summer in Kewaunee, it didn’t take me long to figure out why the new house doesn’t feel like “home”…Shaun’s not there with me. I got really used to being able to see him every day, especially after an entire school year of him driving back and forth on his weekends off. There was something reassuring about being able to drive 15 minutes to see him…now that time is more like 3 hours and 15 minutes.

With less than 11 months until the wedding, Shaun is still looking for a job that will hopefully bring him to the Madison area before, or at the very least around, the time we are married. Right now, I’d say that this is our largest source of stress as a couple…not wedding planning or even our respective studies (me) and work (him). I’m trying to focus on school and hammering out wedding details to mask how hard going back to long distance has been for me but, in all honesty, right now I’m failing. Failing so bad, in fact, that I decided to trek 200 miles back to Kewaunee for a couple days instead of sticking it out in Madison until school starts. I can see this being the first of many trips that either Shaun or I make to see the other between now and the wedding.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship, or had to adjust to being long-distance after being able to see each other easily? Was there anything you did to help the transition?


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