Logic and wedding planning – learning from Mom (part 2)


The last time I posted, I told you all a story about how my mom has been really logical throughout this whole wedding planning process. Although I wasn’t thrilled with her point about wedding favors, I ultimately had to agree with her about the favors I thought I had decided on. But there have been many, many other things she’s been right on about. This post is about one of those times.

I spent a lot of this summer reading wedding blogs, but you already know that. There’s a funny thing that can tend to happen when you see the way “everybody else” is doing things though. You start to doubt yourself. Case in point: Save the Date cards.

In small-town Wisconsin, Save the Date cards aren’t really used all that often. Of course I know what they are, but our family and friends are so close that they basically all knew the date of our wedding long before a Save the Date card would have been sent out. As such, we decided that making and sending cards would just be an extra, useless expense. We decided to cut them.

(Source, Source, Source)

Even the simplest, most logical decisions like the one above, though, can be questioned in wedding-brain land. After seeing super cute Save the Date cards like these, and seeing posts about “awful” brides who inconsiderately didn’t send them out, I wondered if people would be really upset if we didn’t send them. Mom to the rescue. I believe her response was “Your entire family will think you’re insane if you send them out. And they’ve all known the date for months anyway. If they can’t come, they can’t come.” Fair enough.

That was enough to alleviate my fears and remind me that just because things are “supposed” to be done a certain way, doesn’t mean that they have to be done. In our case, Save the Date cards wouldn’t have made sense, and we’re saving money by not sending them. I’m thankful for my mom for reassuring me that I’m making the right decisions during this whole process, even though we might not see eye to eye on some things. It’s great to have her support, and I consider myself so lucky to be able to have her help while planning!


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