Recapping the summer: so much time, so little planning


The summer is winding down, so where do we stand with our “we want to have almost everything planned so we don’t have to do it while I’m in law school” goal? Well…not so great.

That’s not to say we haven’t done anything this summer. Just not nearly as much as I’d hoped. We did get some major things accomplished though, such as:

1. A budget
2. A (close to) finalized guest list
3. My dress and bridesmaid dresses

We’re *this close* to finalizing our last major vendor, a florist. We just crossed a major milestone in the mega-DIY project that our invitations have turned out to be (on the bright side, they’re gorgeous and will cost less than $1 each before postage!)

But there’s still a lot to do. If our wedding were a play, I’d say that we have all of the actors hired…but they don’t know their lines yet. We have kind of an overall idea of how the day will go, but as for specifics…well, we’re lacking.

We’re hoping to figure out a lot of these detail-y things after the first of the year (yes, that would be January 1st, 2012). There are two reasons for this: I’ll be on winter break (and will have hopefully survived my first semester of law school with a decent GPA) and a lot of our vendors won’t meet with us until then. I suppose it makes sense from their point of view, but that didn’t really fit my initial “get it done before September” plan.

Don’t worry, though. There will be plenty of projects and decisions for me to blog about (and you to read about) in the mean time. It’s just going to be a matter of fitting all of these tiny pieces into the larger puzzle…so that the picture actually looks like something.

This post is mainly to remind myself that although we didn’t get everything done that I wanted to this summer, we’re still well on our way and will do fine. After all, there are 11 months left to plan and execute.


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