Bridesmaid dress shopping


This weekend, my girls and I checked one more big thing off of our “to-do” list: bridesmaid dresses!

My four bridesmaids include my younger sister Amie (who is also my Maid of Honor), Shaun’s sister Rebecca, my cousin Sara and Christy, one of my best friends from college (and the fabulous chica who just celebrated her first anniversary!) I love all of these girls and I’m so happy that all of them have agreed to stand with me on our special day. I think they represent a great mix of old and new friends, as well as old and new family and are all extremely supportive, happy people who make my life better than if they weren’t in it.

This story of finding the perfect bridesmaid dress actually starts about two months ago…the day that I found my dress. See, while I was busy hopping in and out of about 8 or 9 different gowns (not a quick process, mind you), my sister and Rebecca took it upon themselves to browse through Tina Marie’s expansive bridesmaid dress collection while they were waiting. They ended up finding a dress they liked that day, but as two of the four bridesmaids were not present, we couldn’t make our final decision.

Fast forward two months to last Friday. Have I mentioned that my girls are awesome? Because coordinating five conflicting schedules is not easy – especially when two girls are employed full time and one of them lives in Madison. I was so excited that they made it work to drive to Algoma for a 5:00 appointment with Tina (which turned out to be a 5:30 appointment, due to some unexpected problems…but it all turned out ok!)

When we were finally there, we pulled some dresses with a specific look in mind: universally flattering (ie, A-line), short but flowy, chiffon. In almost no time at all we had it narrowed down to two dresses from the same collection by the same designer, Mori Lee Affairs.

(Source: Mori Lee)

(Source: Mori Lee)

Now, I’m not going to tell you which was the final dress that we chose…but you’re welcome to guess if you like! Girls, if you’re reading this…don’t tell. 🙂 But since these dresses come in the same colors, follow the links over to Mori Lee’s website where you can see them in the color we chose, called Shamrock (click on the one that looks like John Deere green).

I think either of these dresses would have been perfectly suited for our July wedding, but once the girls had them on, it was clear that one was just a little more perfect than the other. I’m so happy we came to the decision we did – we got a great price on the dresses (thanks, Tina!) and now we can cross bridesmaid dresses off of the list as well.


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    • I’m glad you like them both! They were very reasonably priced, but as with all bridal designers, you’d have to go to an authorized seller to get it and their prices vary by store. I sent you a Facebook message with a little more info in case you’re interested in getting the “other” dress.

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