Vintage with a twist – finding our wedding inspiration


Today we’re back to blogging about wedding things. Specifically, I’d like to let you all peek into my head and see (momentarily) where I’m drawing a lot of my inspiration from for the wedding. But first, you have to promise not to laugh. Seriously. If you’ve checked out my Pinterest account (and specifically the board titled “Wedding Style Ideas for Me“), you’ll already have caught a glimpse.

Yep. It’s the movie Titanic. I’ll give you a few moments to judge. … Moving on.

Yes. It’s a movie based on a real-life tragedy. No, that is not necessarily the most romantic place you could think to draw inspiration from. No, we are not having a Titanic-themed wedding. But you have to admit, it’s a freaking beautiful movie. Besides Kate Winslet being the most gorgeous woman alive (and one who I respect as a person, based on things I’ve read about her), it’s got Leo. As in #1 on my elevator list Leo. I probably didn’t need to add that qualifier. Sorry, TMI.

So aside from the gorgeous actors and the love story that makes my heart hurt (a phrase that my friends and I use to describe those perfectly painful but glorious moments on a TV/movie/etc. where you love it but almost can’t bear to watch all at the same time), there are tons of beautiful little details that I think would translate well into wedding decor. We’re not going for a full-on vintage theme for our wedding, but there will definitely be vintage-y elements throughout. And man do I love turn-of-the-century vintage.

Let’s start with the style. I knew from the moment we started planning (before I had a dress or anything else, really) that this is the hair that I want for our big day.

(Source 1 and Source 2)

I love the soft, face-framing curls and the all-up hairstyle. I love everything about it. I love the little bits of sparkle that run throughout (which we might modify to a simple headband, with the veil coming from the bottom of the bun). It’s simple but elegant. Exactly what I’m looking for.

Best of all, the wonderfully amazing chica who will be doing my hair (as well as my girls and probably the mothers too, she’s going to have a busy day!) told me that this simple but elegant style will go very nicely with the style of my dress. Yay! Ok, I know I said I wasn’t going to show anyone, but she had to see. She had to let me know whether this look would work with it, and it will. I hope. Even my dress is in the spirit of the vintage-with-a-twist theme we seem to be developing here, with its gorgeous lace and beading. But that’s all I’m saying on that subject for now.

I’ve also looked to the movie for help with things that I don’t care so much about, but that others insist are important. For instance, centerpieces.

(Source, Source, Source)

The above are recreations either of movie sets or the actual thing. I love how all of the rooms are simple, but elegant and luxurious. They’re inviting without being overpowering. I like those things, and will probably do something similar, with some modern elements added in to fit the overall look of our day. So, based on that, here are my ideas for our centerpieces:

(Source: The Knot)

This particular cake has icing details that remind me of all of the intricate woodwork and detailing seen above. (For the record, I hate the topper) It’s got vintage elements to it, but we’d make it more modern with a cake whose tiers are different shapes:

(Source: Weddingbee)

So the moral of this post is that a) I love the movie Titanic and b) I think that a slightly updated version of vintage is a good overall “feel” for our wedding day. Between my love of lace and Shaun’s affinity for old trains (no lie, another post on that soon), a few elements inspired by the 1900-1910’s era are right up our alley, I think.

What do you think? Think I’m crazy? Like any of these things? Hate any of them?


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  1. i love the hair! its like my #1 fear for my future wedding to have bad bride hair. like, tacky 1995 hair. im sure this will look great!

    • I love the look because it’s timeless and classy. I’m afraid of bad bride hair too! But I’m hoping this will be safe but still elegant. 🙂

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