How do I love thee, Pinterest? Let me count the ways…


Things have been getting kind of heavy here lately (more on that in the near future, I think), so today we’re going to take a break from talking about the wedding and relationships and…well…basically everything this blog is about. Fear not, I’ll still make this post relevant. I just need a little no-strings-attached happy in my life at the moment. And you know where that happy can come from? I’m so glad you asked.


In the name of actually getting organized and getting all of my (many) wedding inspiration ideas in one place, I requested an invite and finally got a Pinterest account! It was a few weeks ago, actually, but since then I’ve been building my boards and pinning away. And now…I’m mildly obsessed. I think you guys might begin to notice a theme here, but that’s ok.

Seriously, Pinterest is awesome. Awesome enough for me to give up on my Monica-from-Friends style wedding binder. Awesome enough for me to stop printing out every inspiring photo I see (saving me tons of money in printer ink, I might add).

Now when I’m reading wedding blogs and find a photo that I really like, or a cake style that I think would suit our party or…whatever…I can pin it for everyone to see! It’s almost like making an inspiration board for me, but little by little. And I can finally see our wedding vision coming into focus. The best part is that I can also see when I pin something that’s lovely, but just won’t really work with everything else. It helps keep me on track with ideas that will actually compliment our wedding, instead of throwing styles in every different direction. In short, it’s not just fun. It’s helpful too.

Never mind the fact that my most extensive board is titled “Cute Animals.” We all need to de-stress in the form of fuzz therapy sometimes, right?

I definitely recommend checking out Pinterest! If you’d like an invite, shoot me your email address and I’ll send one your way. If you already have an account, leave your username in the comments and I’ll be sure to follow your boards.


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